Not all of my earliest works are extant, nor should they be. But for better or for worse, The Story of the Little Pumpkin, (written when I was six) still exists. With its unusual hero, I think it has potential to be a series of action films. So far, no takers.


Camelot & Vine: The day before her 40th birthday, a failing Hollywood actress loses everything she never cared about, falls through a gap in time and accidentally saves King Arthur’s life. Reviewers have called it “intelligent escapism,” and all the things on this page. Available on Amazon and in soCal area bookshops.

Here I am at Pasadena's Litfest 2013, reading an excerpt from Camelot & Vine for GuerillaReads:

Portraits: a short story about two women who haven’t got much time to find smarter ways to depend on each other. Published in Literary Pasadena: The Fiction Edition, from Prospect Park Books.

Rooms: flash fiction about exploring options, sometimes with a hammer. Written for the Rose City Sisters flash fiction blog.

Belinda’s Birthday: short-short  fiction about love, grief and food, also published by Rose City Sisters. Belinda’s Birthday is available on Amazon as an ebook for 99 cents. Or let me know if you'd rather have an mp3 (voiced by me!) for $1.99. Amazon no longer supports the format, but we can do paypal.


Act As If: Stumbling Through Hollywood With Headshot in Hand: essays, memoir, humor based on my column, Act As If.

Act As If: A humor column about the life of a journeyman actor in Hollywood. Soon to become a book, Act As If is part of the ActorsInk ezine at Nowcasting.com.

Living Vicuriously: My blog. The "home" tab above takes you there. Comments are encouraged, so come and hang out.

Buzzfeed: Just fun stuff! 10 Things You Should Do if You Meet King Arthur in a Dark Forest, 10 Ways to Deal With your Anger Problem, and more.

Hometown Pasadena: Book reviews, monthly or so.

138,101 Stories, an essay about writing and photographing in Pasadena, written for the Prospect Park Books Blog to celebrate the launch of Literary Pasadena: The Fiction Edition.

Then and Now: articles about local history for Patch online newspapers.

Things: an essay featured in the collection, A Cup of Comfort for Christmas  (Adams Media).

I've written guest posts for several other blogs as well. 


Arlynda Lea Beuterbaugh said...

"Petrea Burchard" has been included in the fourteenth edition of our November Nudges series. Be assured that we hope this helps to send many new customers your way.


Petrea Burchard said...

Arlynda Lea, that's wonderful! Thank you!