Camelot & Vine

"Intelligent escapism for those days when you just need to live in another millennium."
- Margaret Finnegan, author of The Goddess Lounge

Camelot & Vine is the adventure of Casey, a failing Hollywood actress who loses her job, her boyfriend and maybe even her sanity the day before her 40th birthday. She hops on a plane and falls through a gap in time, accidentally saving the life of her childhood hero, King Arthur.

This Camelot is no romantic castle with turrets and flags. It's is a war-ready fort with a battle-worn king. Arthur thinks Casey's a wizard sent to aid him against his enemies, but her Hollywood charms won't help her avoid a grisly death if the king finds out she has no magic.

Here's what readers and reviewers say:

Camelot & Vine is a clever intersection of a delightful contemporary heroine and well-researched historical fiction. The setting is lush and rich and the characters are familiar but fresh. It's filled with humor, myth, warmth, wisdom and a loyal steed! What more could you ask for in a book?
         Lian Dolan, LA Times best-selling author of Helen of Pasadena, and columnist

Engaging characters and a never predictable storyline found me holding my breath as I followed Casey's (mis)adventures and journey of self-discovery. Fun, but not fluff. Burchard does not shy away from confronting what would have been harsh realities, particularly for a woman, of the age.
         Karen Z.,

…A clever and entertaining adventure that takes Casey into a world where the fighting is dirtier than on any Hollywood backlot. There is real excitement and peril in this story and I could not put this book down.
         Denise F.,

This is such a darned good book. Burchard spins a lively yarn, plus she's done her homework. This may not be the Camelot you're familiar with, but it's probably closer to the one that actually existed (if it existed).
         Anne Louise Bannon,

Our author goes beyond cliche in her re-telling of the Arthurian legends, bringing those characters out of mothballs & breathing life into them.
         Greg Bell,

A little bit time travel, a little bit romance, and lots of action. Camelot & Vine is the perfect book to cuddle up with when you need a break from the twenty-first century. Loved it!


TheChieftess said...

Fun book!!! A delightful twist to the legend of Camelot!!!

Petrea Burchard said...

Thank you, Chieftess!

Unknown said...

I cant wait to buy this book!my personal favorite king arthur dramatization is HBOs Merlin. i wonder if you ever seen it.

Petrea Burchard said...

I haven't seen "Merlin," though I'm aware of it. While I was writing I tried to avoid seeing other King Arthur stories because I didn't want to be influenced. I hope you like the story.

Cyn said...

Hello, Petrea: I just finished the book and loved it. As a collector of Arthurian fiction for the past 40 years, I've read hundreds of novels set in Camelot and have to say this is now one of my favorites. It reminded me a bit of Mariane Mancusi's A CONNECTICUT FASHIONISTA IN KING ARTHUR'S COURT (2005)--i.e., modern-day woman thrown back to Arthurian times--but your story has a lot more heart. I had no idea how it was going to end. A terrific book--thanks! Cindy Mediavilla

Petrea Burchard said...

Thank you, Cindy! I appreciate your comment so much. I might just take the liberty of quoting you!