Saturday, January 5, 2013


Today I begin a regular Saturday feature on writing, reading, and books. Not just my books, but also guest authors, libraries, book shops, ideas, writing tips, and fun stuff. I'm just busting to talk about this stuff. I'm calling it "Bookmarks," and I welcome your suggestions.

I won't limit it to Pasadena, though of course I'll include a local photo. (That's the rule, and I obey the rules, most of the time. It's easier to get away with being bad when no one expects it.)

And what better way to kick off this feature than with footwear? Chain mail--or maille--running shoes for the knights of Camelot & Vine. Or maybe not. So much for literature.

Actually, literature is doing fine. The publishing industry is changing, but reading isn't going away. Just like we changed the way we listen to music (I wish I'd kept those LP's), and the way we watch movies (have you seen a VHS tape lately? I don't miss those), we're reading in new ways. TV wasn't the end of the movie business, and ebooks aren't the end of publishing. They're just another way of reading.

I'm keeping my books, though.

For now, enjoy the documentary Bad Writing, streaming free for the month of January only. I owe thanks for the link to Karin Bugge, the excellent writer known as the Altadena Hiker.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Best of 2012

I said I was going to do a "best of 2012" retrospective and promptly forgot, so I'm a couple of days late. 

Judging from comments, this shot, 2/1 Theme Day: Animals, was the hands-down favorite. I took it during a mid-January sunset at Hahamongna Watershed Park.

Some of these are my favorites, some were favorites of commenters. Really, though, I like them all. I've added links to the original posts.

(reminiscent of 2/1 Theme Day, if you ask me).

I enjoyed taking them all. Each photo is a memory for me.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Penny Time

Here's another photo from the archives. These vines grow (or grew) up the backsides of what used to be Madre's restaurant on Granite Park Place. I like the backsides of things. Don't take that the wrong way.

I don't know what it the building houses now. I haven't been getting out much lately. I could blame the economy (and I wouldn't be lying), but really it's because I've been obsessed with getting THE BOOK published. It's almost a full-time job.

However, I'll be getting out on January 12th and I hope you'll join me. We all talked about going to Penny For Your Thoughts together, a sort of PDP coffee outing. The owner, Millie, and I picked January 12th at 10:30 am. Come join us!

Penny For Your Thoughts is at 1365 N. Hill Avenue in Pasadena. There's plenty of parking in the rear. Bring extra money because besides coffee and pastries to enjoy while we're there, the store is full of treasures to take home.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bad Photos of the B2 Bomber

Here's what my iPhone's zoom lens made of the B2 when it was circling with its buddy over the mountains. (Yes, there were 2 B2's.)

It headed our way. I waited.

It was a lot faster than these pictures.
Couldn't hear it 'til it was almost on me.
I knew it was going to fly over the eucalyptus tree but I didn't have time to move to a better spot.
Then it was over me.

Then it was gone.

A lot of people waited on the bridge. In other words, it's likely that much better photos are available.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Six, Day One

First things first! You should be able to see the Tournament of Roses Parade right here. We'll chat after the parade.


I hope you enjoyed the parade! I'll add links later as I find them.
Here's one already! Dive is watching the Parade in Norwich, England.

The first of the year is traditionally a theme day for City Daily Photo. In the past we've shared our "best photo of the year." We're skipping that today and will do a different theme later in the month. I'll do a little "best of" retrospective tomorrow.

For now, here's a favorite picture I haven't posted before. I took it in December of 2008, while Boz and I were gallivanting about in the Lower Arroyo near the Colorado Street Bridge. I began this blog on January 1, 2008, which means today marks five years of daily blogging.

I am nuts.

You get it down to a system, but it's still nuts.

Rewarding, but nuts.

Thank you for visiting and commenting, for your support and encouragement. I wish you the happiest new year. Make every day better than the last.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Rarin' to Go

I went out to get a picture of snow on the mountains. I was too late for the best of the stuff, and I got rain instead. It was cold out, though, so maybe that rain will be snow tomorrow. Always look on the bright side!

Down here in the flatlands there'll be sun, a parade, and a football game to kick off the new year. From my house I'll be able to see the Goodyear blimp floating over the Rose Bowl Stadium. (We saw a low-flying plane pulling a banner ad above the Arroyo Seco yesterday--some folks start early.)

2012 was a good year, yet I'm ready for 2013. Rarin' to go, actually, with my big fat plans. What are yours?