Monday, December 31, 2012

Rarin' to Go

I went out to get a picture of snow on the mountains. I was too late for the best of the stuff, and I got rain instead. It was cold out, though, so maybe that rain will be snow tomorrow. Always look on the bright side!

Down here in the flatlands there'll be sun, a parade, and a football game to kick off the new year. From my house I'll be able to see the Goodyear blimp floating over the Rose Bowl Stadium. (We saw a low-flying plane pulling a banner ad above the Arroyo Seco yesterday--some folks start early.)

2012 was a good year, yet I'm ready for 2013. Rarin' to go, actually, with my big fat plans. What are yours?


dive said...

2013? I'm hiding behind the couch, ready to run away as fast as I can if 2013 comes anywhere near me.

Your photo looks as if England has come to visit Pasadena for the Rose Parade. I hope it stays dry and sunny for you.

Shell Sherree said...

I don't know that my plans are big, fat ones, Petrea, but I'm working on it! Have a beautiful celebration. Hugs to you and Boz.

Turquoise Diaries said...

Happy 2013 Petrea and thanks for all the lovely images of Pasadena that you shared thruout the year. Although I have never been there, I am quite familiar with her now:))

Kalei's Best Friend said...

Rain? When? Yesterday? if so, it skipped us... Just wind...As far as plans, I am hoping for better luck, an end to lawyers... Looking for more positive feelings! :-) and that last sentiment goes for the entire country. We need to all heal.

Petrea Burchard said...

It's bright and sunny today, Dive. We're scheduled for more of the same tomorrow.

Maybe I should rephrase that, Shell. I don't suppose plans have to be big or fat.

Thank you, Aysegul! And to you as well. Your images have shown me much of the world.

KBF, this was yesterday in the early afternoon. It could have been west and perhaps north of La Canada Flintridge. Maybe it didn't touch the ground. And I agree about the healing.

Ms M said...

Wonderful photo!
We have modest, but fun plans for tonight. Our 2012 has been a mix, but included some very good things. I agree with KBF that our country desperately needs healing. May it be so during 2013....

Happy New Year to you, John, and Mr. Boz!

Vanda said...

It might be sunny now, but it's still cold. Yeah, I know, I'm spoiled.

LOLfromPasa said...

OMG!!!!!(and that is coming from someone who never swears!!!!). I am with Dive....your photo looks like England - just pop over to my blog for the proof!. Great minds, eh? Petrea - you have yourself a Happy New Year! Looking forward to seeing more of Pasadena through your eyes :).

TheChieftess said...

Do your big fat plans include a published book Petrea???

Petrea Burchard said...

We've had a lot of rain these past few weeks--a lot for us, anyway. Now it's cold. (Cold for us, anyway.) Vanda and I are both spoiled.

Ms. M, I know what you mean by a "mix." We're taking the good with us to 2013.

Thanks, LOL, and Coventry likewise (yes, it looks like Pasadena did yesterday!).

They do, Chieftess, thank you for asking!

Laura Monteros said...

My plans are to write more of what I want (like short stories & children's books), get my yard in shape (probably not gonna happen), and clean out all or at least some of my accumulated junk.

Same as last year.

Bellis said...

I'm with Dive, hiding behind the couch. We Brits are pessimistic in order to avoid disappointment. That way, when unexpectedly good things happen (like a long hot dry summer), we can celebrate.

I am sure you have a big fat future as an author, Petrea, and 2013 will be the year it begins. Can't wait for your book to be released from its bindings.

Petrea Burchard said...

I hear that, Laura. Same as me.

That explains a lot, Bellis.
As for the book, it's almost ready. It's almost time to plan the party.

Katie said...

Very dramatic photo even if you didn't catch the snow. Next time! No big plans for the new year yet, but for tomorrow I'll be sleeping in, watching the parade from bed, tuning in to the game (a friend of mine who went to Stanford will be there so I have to look for her!) and working diligently to eat as much holiday candy as I can so it doesn't sit around tempting me anymore. Here's to a great new year for all of us!

Leslie said...

Happy New Year, Petrea! May it bring lovely things and a fantastic book launch for you!
Today we ventured into the belly of the beast... yes, we hit the streets of Pasadena. :)
We walked all over the town, from the Playhouse District to the Tournament house, and all points in between, including a spin through City Hall for one last pose in front of the big Christmas tree.
It was a spectacularly beautiful day, as you know our blue skies returned, and though it was quite chilly, we loved every minute of it.
Scads of people were camped out on the sidewalks, complete with tents, chairs, hammocks and sleeping bags -- all the usual stuff -- but there was still plenty of room to walk. All I can say is kudos to the hearty souls who are going to spend the night out there tonight in the freezing temperatures. You could not pay me to do that.
I hope that you had a fantastic day yourself, with the sun and the crystal clear blue skies and the wonderful energy that New Years Eve brings.
Here's to the year ahead -- may it be full of adventures and enchanting moments. In between all of the ups and downs of life, may we celebrate the simple joys, the love of those dear to us, and the richness of friendships.
Thanks for all the pictures this year, the places you've taken us, and the wonderful thoughts you have shared. You gave us "moments" and that's what life's all about.
Happy Happy New Year to you!

Adele said...

Enjoying our big, fat plans right now. Watching a movie musical, eating chow mein, and drinking wine. A perfect evening, really! Still working on those resolutions! Thanks for your lovely blog, and being my mentor this year! Happy New Year to you, Boz, and John!

Petrea Burchard said...

Katie, eating all the candy NOW is an excellent plan.

Leslie, You had the right idea--walking through the crowds is much simpler than trying to drive downtown. And you walked far!

Adele, I hadn't thought of resolutions! Maybe I should. I usually keep them, but I don't remember if I made any last year.

Happy new year, everyone!

Linda said...

Ooh, La Canada Flintridge - we've stayed there! Can't imagine it ever raining, tho?
Plans for 2013? To get out and about more in Scotland. Cheaply!