Thursday, September 24, 2009

Free Time in the Bank

I don't think I'm giving away any trade secrets if I tell you I write my post the night before it goes up, then program Blogger to post it at 12:01 a.m. Usually I'm all organized and prepared. But sometimes the day has worn me out and I don't have a single pithy thing to say. Such is life, daily blog or no.

(What I mean is, I got nothin'.)

These are the times when it would be great to have several posts "in the bank," so to speak. You know, something pre-written and ready to go in case I'm out of ideas. I really need to get around to banking those. One of these days, when I get some free time.

Maybe this is a good time to say thanks to everyone who checks in, and to those who follow Pasadena Daily Photo.

(Yeah, yeah, that'll work. Try that.)

I love taking the photos, posting them and writing about them, and you all make it worth it. Thank you.

(Okay, well, it sort of worked. I should still bank some, though.)


Cafe Pasadena said...

I've said this before: I doubt I could be a daily blogger. And I woodn't wanna bee one anyway.

I have a few posts in the old lock box, or bank as you call it. The problem is then trying to get them outta there & then onto the web!

Thanks, P, 4 being there each day! (Like the newspaper)

Dina said...

Midnight publication? Pasadena NIGHTLY Photo
I do love tonight's photo. It speaks volumes.
I don't believe that you could ever have nothing pithy to say; but if that's how you feel, then you just (once in a great while) have to tell your blog to pith off.

Shell Sherree said...

Oh, absolutely it worked, Petrea! And thank YOU for taking the photos, posting them, and writing about them. Every day. That's commitment! {LOL, Dina!}

Petrea said...

You guys are sweet, thank you! And of course as I was falling asleep last night I thought of something someone had sent me that I could have posted. So I have something for tomorrow! Yay! I'll start working on it early, before I get tired. I'm having one of those weeks when I don't have blog-visiting time. How's everything going out there?

HearkenCreative said...

Well, since you asked, I have two kids home from school (trying to keep them from getting the swine flu), a car in the shop (with the accompanying large bill), and riding my bike to work in 100+ temps. But other than that, things are going very well, thank you.

But truly, Petrea, PDP is one of the ten sites that I open on my browser religiously every morning. The photos, your writing, and the accompanying discussion always set a wonderful tone for my morning. So thanks for your devotion to us blog readers, and thanks for following your muse!

Dina said...

Everything is going OK, Petrea, except for Sarah. She is closing her blog today. :(
How sad. Sometimes this verkakte world is so cruel to the young and tender ones.

Petrea said...

Loren, is there swine flu at your kids' school? Which school? (Maybe you should email me so as not to start a panic...) As for the bike riding, good. 100 degrees, not so good.

Dina, thanks for letting me know about Sarah and Mashhad. That's one blog visit I had to make to day.

jana said...

ahhh...this is a beautiful photo, petrea. speaks to me in a variety of ways and for this, i thank you.

Katie said...

Very contemplative photo; I like the subtle colors. Thank YOU for taking and posting such wonderful Pasadena photos and teaching us all about the area where you live. I love popping by every day, even if I don't comment. I agree you should pre-post a few photos to give yourself a break though. Try it, you'll like it!

ben wideman said...

I can totally relate. Sometimes I'm embarrassed to post the photo I've picked out, but a daily photo commitment means you've just got to throw something up there! I appreciate your constant support in this crazy blogging world.

Vanda said...

Combined with the title, this photo reminds me of a scene from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Butch goes into a bank just as they are closing up, shuttering the windows and this exchange happens:

Butch Cassidy: What happened to the old bank? It was beautiful.
Guard: People kept robbing it.
Butch Cassidy: Small price to pay for beauty.

Desiree said...

Nice shot--

Greg Sweet said...

Some bad Photoshopping...

Ibarionex said...

I love this. Great light, tone and shape. I'm jealous.

marley said...

I think that covered it!

The words, although always a delight (you write very well), are sometimes not as important as the photo. And this is a brilliant photo :)

Petrea said...

Jana, welcome and thank you. Nice website, by the way.

Katie, that brings to mind a question: will you be blogging from France and England next month? Exciting!

Oh Ben, I know you can relate! Don't we both know the feeling.

Vanda, I'd search for that on Youtube but I'm not quite sure how.

Thank you, Desiree.

Greg, I happen to think that's funny (and not so badly photoshopped, either).

Ibarionex, thank you! I know a photographer or two who'd be jealous of me having such a comment from you on a photo. Can I just tell you I shot that with the Olympus and did very little to it? I'm shooting regularly with the D20 and I've gotten some good shots, but I'm going to have to print out the manual and carry it with me!

Thank you so much, Marley. You've inspired me, too. I'm going to try something next week based on one of your ideas. (I'll let you know.)

Hey thanks, everyone. I'm glad this worked out. I'm enjoying photography more and more each day.

J+P said...

I'm with Ibarionex: dude. You have an Eye.

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although this picture is really simple., it really gives out the beauty tremendously., really great stuff.

Virginia said...

Don't you worry that pretty little head about nuttin. I have so many in the "Can" as I call it, from this past summer when I was MIA in France. Noone has to know what is au currant and what's been snoozing in the dump for months. Get on down there and dig around. It's our dirty little Daily Photo secret, ne'st pas? THis is a great photo and I don't give a rip when you took it.

J+P said...

There's a dark, thin, winding
Stairway without any banister
Which we'll throw you down and
Feed you on cockroaches served in a canister …

-K- said...

That's a beautiful photo.

Petrea said...

Thank you, J. I love you, but maybe I should point out that if you think I'm a dude we have some problems.

Thank you, internet marketing services. (Catchy name, what should I call you for short? Mark?)

Oh, I'm all snarky in the early a.m.

Thanks, V. I've got thousands of shots and I'm not like Eric--I don't feel the need to post one I took that very day. It's the writing where my mind blanks. And I'm picky like you, I want it to be good. I can tell you're that way by looking at your blog.

Please sir, I want some more.

Kevin, I know you don't hand those compliments out like party favors. Thanks.