Friday, May 29, 2009


Pasadena's Public Information Officer, Ann Erdman, showed me around what she calls "the inner sanctum" of City Hall. That includes the mayor's office. (By the way, Mayor Bogaard, Ann said she'd take the heat for this photo.)

Merriam-Webster Online defines "sanctum" as 1) a sacred place; and 2) a place where one is free from intrusion.

I wonder if that's the case here. I suppose the mayor can say, "hold my calls!" and close the door if he has to, but how often does he actually get a minute to himself?

At least he has a nice office. It has good light. The woodwork is original to the 1927 structure. At first glance, the room looks tidy. But click on the photo to enlarge it and you'll see stacks of notebooks beside the desk. The shelves, desk and conference table are covered with papers. The mayor's suit jacket hangs over a chair as though he might be working in his shirt-sleeves. I doubt there's much time for snoozing in that comfy chair behind the desk.

Here's a challenge for you: find a one-word antonym for "sanctum."


Shell Sherree said...

Yes, it is somewhat 'busier' when you look at it more closely. I like things to be neat and organised, but a desk that's too tidy is a little suspicious for me. Looks like there is work in progress here.

A possible antonym for sanctum: mall. {We have them in Australia, too.}

Dina said...

Well, at least Mayor is not overly orderly.
Nice to once see "sanctum" without inner. Would the agora be its opposite?

lynn said...

Oh I just thought this was your rather patriotic dining room ;)

Petrea said...

These are all good so far: mall, agora, my dining room (though that's two words). I looked in every thesaurus I could find, online and in book form, and found no single-word antonym listed. I'd never tried to think of one before. said...

Sanctum? Is that above or below the colon?

Lynna said...

Hmmm.. that's a real brain teaser!

I'm liking the recent posts about city hall. It's nice to see the inside for a change but the exterior is really beautiful.

I'm looking forward to more of your posts!

Clifford Beshers said...

"Mall" is excellent. When at my last job, I would have said "work." I think "hospital" might be a contender.

Anonymous said...

I had to look up antonym....Department of Motor Vehicles
I want to know whats behind that door

Daisy said...

I can't see a computer or laptop! Is that what makes a place a sanctum nowadays? I can't do much thinking when my email is calling.

pasadenapio said...

Greetings from sunny Palm Springs!

Mayor Bogaard is a busy, working mayor in every sense of the word. And trust me, the files do not sit idle, gathering dust. Each one represents a project, event or issue.

Many's the time I have sat with him at that table, developimg messages for speeches, discussing important issues and more.

He's a real pleasure to work with.

pasadenapio said...

Pas Adjacent, behind the door is a storage closet with another door behind that which is a back way into the Council Conference Room. However, Mayor Bogaard always enters that conference room from the main door, which is to the left of the wall of mayors (the mayor's main office door is to the right of the wall of mayors).

Daisy, he is computer savvy but he also has an executive secretary and an executive assistant who do a lot of that work. He emails often from his iPhone.

Petrea said...

1916, I...I'm not sure.

Thanks, Lynna!

Cliff, those are all good. If I were giving prizes, though, I think today's would go to PA.

Daisy, I believe the PIO has answered you.

Ann, thanks for checking in from your vacation. That's just above and beyond. I especially appreciate your description of what it's like to work with Mayor Bogaard. I've been introduced to him a couple of times and he seems an exceptionally pleasant person.

Having lived in a large city (LA) for so long, it's a real pleasure to live in a town where I can actually meet the mayor.

Anonymous said...
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West Coast Grrlie Blather said...


Petrea said...

Okay, Kelly, you win.