Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Honcho Hallway

Of the many treasures in the inner sanctum of City Hall, this is one of my favorites. Along the wall outside the mayor's office are three rows of portraits, in black & white, of all the men and women who have served as mayor of Pasadena. They're in order, left to right, top to bottom, so if Wikipedia has it right that's Pasadena's first mayor, H.J. Holmes, on the upper left.

Pasadena has had 54 mayors but they've only been 52 different people. Our current mayor, Bill Bogaard, is a popular guy. Do you know who else was popular enough to be elected two different times?

You can't see it in this picture but two blank frames hang at the opposite end, bottom row. Ann Erdman, our Public Information Officer and my guide through City Hall, told me a frame is filled only when a mayor leaves office. So one of those frames will be filled when Mayor Bogaard leaves, and the last will be filled by the mayor after him. After that, what next?

I don't know, but there's a big future and a blank wall across the way.


Shell Sherree said...

That's really nicely photographed, Petrea! I imagine it's a bit tricky working in a hallway. Somehow I feel more orderly just looking at it! {I am very orderly, though, much as I may not give that impression. :)} I'm also amazed to hear of the high turnover rate of mayors. Bill Bogaard must be someone special.


Makes an impressive line up of Mayors, also the hall looked very interesting.


Dina said...

The photo almost makes me dizzy.
SO many mayors?
In all my years growing up in Chicago we had only one mayor, the Big Boss.

Ted Thompson said...

"...and the last will be filled by the mayor after him. After that, what next?"

Like the Vatican, end of the world! (silly) ^_^

Petrea said...

Makes me want some fancy lenses, Shell. I've got an Olympus SP350 which is limited. But hey! That's the challenge. As far as Mr. Bogaard is concerned, I've met him a couple of times and he seems to be a very nice man.

One thing I love about Pasadena is it's big enough to have plenty of culture and small enough that you can meet the mayor.

Hi Yvonne! I love having poets hang around here. I also love the British. You're a double threat!

Ha! Dina, I remember. After Daley Sr. there were a few wannabes. Now it's Daley Jr. Last time John and I visited, everyone was singing his praises and the city looks fantastic.

You're right, Ted. I should rewrite that right now.

Katie said...

Petrea all your mayors are very, um, nicely arranged on the wall. Well, the men are anyway.

Pascal Jim said...

Loretta Glickman is pictured on the wall. She was Mayor in he 70's...

Margaret said...

Ann is such a treasure. Pasadena is so lucky to have her. Fun picture.

Virginia said...

Super perspective here Petrea.

pasadenapio said...

Pasadena has had three female mayors: Josephine (Jo) Heckman, our first woman mayor; Loretta Thompson-Glickman, our first African American mayor; and Katie Nack. Sadly, all three are deceased.

The first two preceded me here at the City of Pasadena. I worked closely with Katie Nack, who was a wonderful woman and a true inspiration.

Petrea said...

Katie isn't going to let me live down an innocent little (dumb) comment I made about George Washington, whose portrait is nicely arranged at the Hungtington.

Pascal Jim, see the PIO's comment.

I agree, Margaret. Ann Erdman serves Pasadena as Public Information Officer in more ways than many people know. I wouldn't have, if she hadn't begun blogging and been so friendly to the rest of us bloggers. She's forthright in spreading the word about Pasadena.

VIRGINIA!! YOU ARE IN PARIS!! I LOVE YOU, BUT JEEZ!! Actually, I'm honored. Maybe you can't sleep?

Ann, you're the greatest. Thank you.

toast said...

So many mayors! When did Pasadena begin this wall photo collection?

Petrea said...

Well, now, toast, that's an interesting question and I don't know the answer. The photos could have been put up there within the last year, for all I know. City Hall was built in 1927, I believe, but I don't know if the wall goes back that far. Let's ask the Pasadena PIO and get back to you.

pasadenapio said...

Toast and Petrea, I don't know when the tradition of the photo wall began. It was there when I first came to work for the City of Pasadena in 1991.

The first mayor I worked with in Pasadena was Jess Hughston, a lovely man who had a passion for bikes and quality of life for all of Pasadena's children. He also is deceased. He was truly beloved.

Just as a side note because I'm tired and feeling sentimental, when I was PIO in Palm Springs my first mayor was Frank Bogert who had more money than God, earned it the hard way and never, ever flaunted it. He was an honest-to-goodness cowboy who became a PR man and photographer and was largely responsible for putting Palm Springs on the map as a celebrity playground during Hollywood's golden age. He was very kind to me and a pleasure to work with. After he left office he hired me to edit his book "Palm Springs: The First Hundred Years" and we had great fun working on it together. He passed away a couple of months ago.

My second mayor in Palm Springs was Sonny Bono. He taught me alot about promotion, and that period was my first foray into celebrity media and everything that entailed. We had many, many impromptu meetings when he would drop in my office and stay awhile. And there was the Scientology thing. That's a story for another day. Oh, and to this day I can write his signature flawlessly, which I did on countless promotional t-shirts, posters and other items that were sent far and wide (an image of him in tennis togs pointing, a-la Uncle Sam, with the inscription "Palm Springs: I Want You, Babe").

Gad, I'm getting punchy!

Coincidentally, I'm here so late tonight because tomorrow (Thursday) morning I'm heading to Palm Springs for a long weekend with pals!

Petrea said...

Ann, that's so great. Come here and tell stories anytime!

toast said...

Thanks for the additional information, Petrea and pasadenapio! :)