Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thank You, Ann

If you've been visiting Pasadena Daily Photo this week you may have wondered, "who is this illustrious Public Information Officer, this Ann Erdman person, and why is she in Palm Springs?" (The question I've been asking myself is, where's Linda Centell? She's my neighbor and I haven't seen her all week.)

I should have coordinated with Ann; it's not her fault I chose the week of her vacation to post my City Hall photos. She has every right to take a vacation, and Linda is perfectly capable of serving as Acting PIO for a week.

Here's a list of a few of the things Ann does as Pasadena's Public Information Officer (and what Linda's been doing in her absence):

--writes Pasadena In Focus, the newsletter received in every Pasadena household, telling us what's going on in town. (A joint effort. Ann tells me Linda is the "world's greatest editor.")
--prepares and distributes news releases and answers media inquiries.
--oversees all programming on 55KPAS, Pasadena's local cable TV station.
--develops and sells City Hall souvenirs. (I have the tote bag.)

The rest I quote from Ann's job description: The Public Information Office "...produces brochures, leaflets, flyers, posters, ads and other literature; plans press conferences; promotes special events; provides media relations and public relations counsel to city departments; and oversees the information kiosk at Pasadena City Hall..."

As if that weren't enough, Ann has received accolades and awards for putting together The Pasadena Follies, where city officials have a chance to make fun of themselves for a good cause.

She's won the hearts and minds of the local blogging community (and there are a lot of us) not just by answering our questions, which is part of her job description, but by being our friend, which is not.

Ann is also a blogger. Check her out at Pasadena PIO. And you can follow her on Twitter. She even found time to give me a friendly tour of the "inner sanctum" at City Hall.

I think a vacation is allowed.


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Shell Sherree said...

I don't even live there and I want to say, "Thank You, Ann". What a warm and welcoming looking woman!

Petrea said...

Interesting blogs, Thaibeach! I sent your siamways link to a friend of mine who collects post cards. I hope she'll check in with you. Thanks for stopping by.

Nice to see you Yvonne. With all the news I hear from England, it's a wonder any of you are being nice these days.

It shows, doesn't it, Shell?

By salvi. said...

nice blog

Mambu said...

Nice blog!!

Anonymous said...

Very much enjoyed reading!!

Cafe Pasadena said...
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Cafe Pasadena said...

And, Thank You P for highlighting Pasadena's official city blogger: Ann de Pio!

--Nice Dog


pasadenapio said...

Thanks, Petrea, for sharing these photos and narrative with fellow bloggers.

Anybody can wander in to just about any area of Pasadena City Hall -- it is a public building, after all -- except the "inner sanctum." It was my pleasure to escort you past the gatekeepers!

Margaret said...

I've enjoyed these inside city hall posts. Ann is a great asset to Pasadena. Absolutely.

Pascal Jim said...

Margaret, I echo your praise of Ann Erdman, she is a GREAT asset to Pasadena.

West Coast Grrlie Blather said...

Ann is such an entirely lovely and positive person. I feel like I'm on vacation every time I see her.

toast said...

Wow, Ann is a busy woman! She's tackled all the media - print, broadcast, the web, and now Twitter! A vacation is definitely well-deserved. :)

Petrea said...

Thanks, all. Thanks, Ann. Next time I think I'll wander that northern wing and see what's in there. Can I really just open doors and peek in?

Susan C said...

Want to add my appreciation for Ann, a woman who is not only a genuine asset to the City of Pasadena, but a generous and compassionate person as well.

I was just looking at Pasadena Magazine's salute to a dozen extraordinary Pasadena women. They made some great choices (such as PWP's Phyllis Currie), but I thought, "Why isn't Ann here?" I think we all should write the magazine.

Petrea said...

Susan, I thought the same thing!

I don't know every powerhouse female in Pasadena by a long shot. Surely there are hundreds if not thousands. But I really thought Ann should be there. Could be they had a hard time winnowing it down to a dozen?

Kathy H said...

Ann rocks. :)