Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Guess Where I Am

Hint: Ben posted about it recently. In fact, the very day of Ben's post, I was in the very building he mentioned, visiting the dashing Dr. Ferrante, super-podiatrist!

I know what you're thinking: great minds think alike. What? You weren't thinking that about the coincidence of me being in the building Ben was posting about? Oh. You were thinking you've never heard the words "dashing" and "podiatrist" in the same sentence. Whatevs.

I'm on the roof of the Pasadena Professional Building, looking west down Union Street. The Professional Building stands gracefully at the intersection of Union and Madison Avenue, just as it has since it was built in 1925 (two years before City Hall). The official address is 65 N. Madison. The building has an interesting history, some of which I learned while I was there. I'll post more about it in the coming days.

Actually, the building hasn't always stood at Madison and Union. It used to stand at Madison and Herkimer; Union Street was once called Herkimer Street. Now I know how the Herkimer Arms got its name. That's the square white building in the lower center of this photo, the only extant apartment building designed by Greene and Greene and slated to be moved to a new location in the near future. Just beyond the Herkimer, with the aquamarine trim, is the brand new David Allan Hubbard library of the Fuller Theological Seminary, another of Ben's great recent posts. Further west on Union you see All Saints Episcopal Church and Pasadena City Hall. I don't know what those two huge buildings center right are called. Does that make me a bad person? Don't answer that.

More to come about the Professional Building and its early 20th century super-doctors. They didn't fly, but they built a mighty nice building.


Laurie said...

What a view!

I'm still chuckling over "dashing podiatrist." His brother, no doubt, is a swanky taxidermist. (Maybe a posh proctologist?)

I've clearly taken too much cold medicine.

Gorgeous pic, P. I didn't know that building was a Green and Green.

Vanda said...

Those professional building can sometimes be snooty to buildings that have never finished high school.

Kim said...

That is a really magnificent view! I'm only sorry you were there to see the dashing podiatrist. I'd love to see more of any Green & Green building. Your city is so full of treasures, and in sight in this shot is my fave, your city hall.
I will be in a classic historical period piece on Friday for an appointment and will try to capture a shot or two for you of that.
Enjoy that sunshine!
Seattle Daily Photo

altadenahiker said...

They still haven't moved that building yet? So much drama.

Barbara said...

This is a very interesting view, and the first time I've seen the new Fuller Seminary library - I'm usually too busy looking out for random people in the middle of the road (as in your photo) to be able to look around. But how did you manage to get onto that roof?

Thank you for the competition, Petrea, and for the beautifully inscribed book, Dianne. I've already started it!

Bernie K. said...

I was going to say you were out loose in the city, getting high, but then I thought that would be stupid. So never mind.

St├ęphane Kardos said...

That's the kind of view I like at the moment :)
To answer your question yesterday dear Petrea, I was at the top of the parking structure on the corner of Union and Fair Oaks, looking toward Colorado. Not far from where we had our brunch few weeks ago.

Petrea said...

Eeuw, "posh proctologist." That's just wrong.

Hee hee, Vanda. I hope this building hasn't been rude to the simpler ones around it.

Hi Kim, I'll look forward to that classic of yours.

Karin, remember that post on Pasadena PIO about Fair Oaks Court? I think the people who created that housing are the same people who're going to move the Herkimer Arms, and they're moving it to that same area. So maybe it'll be soon. Hoping.

Hi Barbara! I'll tell you how I got onto the roof in tomorrow's post. It was legal. I read the first chapter of Cut to the Quick. Already captivating and chilling.

Bernie: I was high, but I wasn't loose. As for stupid...

ben wideman said...

Awesome picture Petrea! What a view! I think one of those buildings in the center right are the Westin hotel (far right). I'm not sure if the other one has a name.

The Herkimer Arms building is being moved for Fuller's new worship center - translated as "somewhere to hold major performing arts events" or "big enough space for commencement so that we don't have to hold it at Lake Avenue Church anymore".

Margaret said...

I knew you were on Union. Does that count for something? But I think Vanda's right. Those Professional Buildings can be awfully full of themselves. A little elitist really.

lynn said...

What a great view, but I couldn't have stood there. I get vertigo!

pasadenapio said...

Recently I gave my staff graphic designer, the young and talented Zack, the task of shooting some new Pasadena cityscapes that include City Hall. Thanks for showing us a unique vantage point!

Petrea said...

Hi Ben, I knew the Herkimer was on Fuller property, so thanks for the info. I'm glad an agreement was worked out to save the building.

Yes, Margaret, knowing I was on Union counts. Just knowing I was on a roof counts. For what, I don't know.

Lynn, I think vertigo's relative. If I'd been higher up I'd have gotten it, but the Professional Building's only 8 stories.

You're very welcome, PIO, I'll do it any chance I get!

Christie said...

What a great shot, Petrea. I love the height you have here. I would love the "legal" story behind it. I have to admit I'm not fond of heights, but I don't want them to stop me either. Which is why I went skydiving. If that makes sense.

Ms M said...

Great view and interesting history. Looks like a beautiful clear day, too.
Hope your visit to your dashing podiatrist went well. Better that than a swashbuckling surgeon...

magiceye said...

that sure was a lovely view!

Rose said...

Did you manage to get a photo of the dashing doctor?

Petrea said...

Wow, Christie! I'm not ashamed to admit I have no intention of enter skydiving. I'm impressed!

Ms. M, a swashbuckling surgeon sounds like one to avoid.

Thanks, Magiceye.

Rose, I didn't think to ask! I'm shy about photographing people. I have to buck up about that.