Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First Cut Contest: The Winners

We have 'em! Three triumphant winners in The First Cut Contest. It's historical!

Contest entrants read The First Cut by Pasadena author Dianne Emley, and correctly answered five questions about the novel. Their prize, which is on its way to them, is a copy of the second book in Emley's Nan Vining Thrillogy, courtesy of Dianne Emley. The book's title is Cut to the Quick and it's in stores now. The third book, The Deepest Cut, goes on sale February 24th. Dianne will be signing copies of The Deepest Cut at Vroman's on Colorado Blvd. at 7PM February 25th, so come pick up a signed copy! I'll be there taking pictures. (Or check out her tour schedule, she might be coming to your town.)

And now the winners (drum roll)! In order of receipt of entry, they are:
Katie of Katiefornia in Berkeley, California!
Keith of Gem City Images in Monrovia, California!
and Barbara who doesn't blog (oh, the sanity!) in Pasadena, California!

Here are the questions with the correct answers:
1. What word is written on the refrigerator magnet Nan receives from T.B. Mann?
2. What's the name of the nightclub owned by John Lesley?
3. What song is played at Frankie Lynde's funeral?
The Beach Boys' "California Girls"
4. What does Frankie's voice say to Nan on the CD that Emily records?
"Wear the pearls. He gave them to you. Wear the pearls."
And the bonus question, which no one had to answer but all three winners did:
5. How many times has Nan's mother been married?

Thank you to all the participants!

The only loser was Frankie Lynde, whose body was found above the stone wall beneath the west end of the Colorado Street Bridge. Good thing Frankie's fictional.

For my first such venture there was no better choice than The First Cut. What could be more perfect for Pasadena Daily Photo than a novel starring a Pasadena Police detective, set in Pasadena, by a Pasadena author? I'm extremely grateful to Dianne Emley for her participation. She's been gracious, generous and fun all along.

They would soon put Frankie's casket into the ground. Her case files would go into storage, eventually buried beneath files and more files until the case of Frances Ann Lynde was forgotten. Vining and Frankie had made the same journey. They were sisters, bound by their calling, by violence and their own spilled blood. Vining had made it back.


Vanda said...

I like that stone wall, it's so English countryside. Is it park or something down there?

Petrea said...

I'm not sure about the wall's origins or use, Vanda. There's a park further down in the Arroyo, but this is up a path that very few people use. Does anyone out there know about it?

altadenahiker said...

Good job. Did Boz keep his eyes closed as he picked the winners?

Cafe Observer said...

No, KB, I think it was the P who kept her eyes closed.

Daisy said...

I'm so glad you've given that beautifully constructed niche the international exposure it deserves, Petrea. It doesn't seem to be there for any purpose, though once it stored a little treasure trove of CDs and bright objects collected by the nearby homeless guy. It reminds me of the niches that hold holy water near the altar in old English churches, or the little "altars" in Hindu and Buddhist countries where people leave small offerings of food (much appreciated by the local dogs). Did it stir an ur-memory in Boz?

Pascal Jim said...

What a curious spot to place an oven, was this part of a kitchen??

Keith said...

First, that's a very cool photo. I've never seen this angle or area before.

Thanks to you, Petrea, and to Dianne for the contest and the book. I'll be reading this book shortly so that I'm ready for the third. I also want to point out that the book has arrived already (fast) and Dianne was nice enough to personalize it, which is going above and beyond and very much appreciated. Thank you both again.

pasadenapio said...

I've got some catching up to do!

Petrea said...

Karin & C.O., Boz didn't have to choose. The three winning entries were the only ones who got all the answers right. John tried to enter but was disqualified for not giving me pearls.

It's a lovely wall, isn't it, Daisy? It may serve the purpose of shoring up the hillside. But the niche? I don't know. I doubt the homeless man lives there anymore. I met police officers who told me they've moved out the homeless people in the Arroyo.

As for Boz, everything stirs an "ur-memory" in him.

Hee hee, PJ, I don't think it's an oven. But now I have to go back and take a better look.

Hi Keith! Wow, that is fast. Very nice of Dianne to sign your book! She's the coolest. Thanks for participating. Barbara doesn't usually comment (but I know she's out there, hi Barbara!). I hope Katie will check in, and Dianne too.

PIO, if you want to read the previous posts about the contest, click on the label "Dianne Emley."

Katie said...

Another delightful photo of the bridge. I do like the wall too; especially imagining the people carefully choosing each rock, and creating the niche/oven. And that looks like a pretty big cactus near the wall. Such fun to read Dianne's book, and what a thrill to win! In case there's an orchestra ready to start playing if I go on too long, I'll just thank Dianne for writing such a great book and Petrea for having the contest and featuring Pasadena scenes from the book. Can't wait to read the next book!

Christie said...

Sounds like everyone had a great time!

Dianne Emley said...

This has been a huge bunch of fun for me. Thank you, Petrea, for coming up with the idea and executing it so brilliantly with your evocative photos and prose. And thanks Katie, Keith, and Barbara for participating in the contest! I mailed the books on Monday, so let me know if you don't receive them. The big launch of the third Nan Vining thriller, THE DEEPEST CUT, is Wednesday, February 25 at 7:00 at Vroman's in Pasadena. I'm having another local signing on Saturday, Feb 28 at Book 'Em in South Pasadena at 12:00. Stop by and say hello.

Tash said...

Oh, boy. A book signing - sure hope to make it to that.
I'm on Ch. 25...almost finished & can't wait for Lesley to get it (I hope.)
The photo is marvellous, P. It really deserves to be viewed enlarged. It's a wonderful idea you've had and followed thru on! (ideas are the easy part...)

Ms M said...

Congrats to the winners, and to a successful contest!

Kathy H said...

I think Miss Havisham needs to make a security cam video of the location. And you could post another like Emily's ghostly photos.

Great contest! I JUST finished the book, so I didn't get to enter on time. Oh well!!

Petrea said...

Ooh, Kathy, the ghost photos! I wish I'd thought of it! Dianne's going to be in La Canada so check her website for the date, I'm sure she'd love to meet you and sign your book.

Petrea said...

Tash, if you come send me an email ahead of time so we can grab a coffee before or after.

Dianne Emley said...

Yes, on Thursday, Feb. 26, I'll be at the wonderful Flintridge Bookstore and Coffeeshop at 7:30 p.m. for a talk and signing.

And Emily's ghost photos... Emily is my detective's, Nan Vining's, fourteen-year-old daughter. Wouldn't her photos be fun for someone to attempt and we'd all be scared if a ghost showed up! Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm.