Friday, October 24, 2008

My BFFs! (two posts today)

My friend Monoblog of Izmir honored me (surprised me, too) with the "Blogging Friends Forever Award." From the start of my blog, he has encouraged me with his expertise and kindness. The photo of Monoblog above is by Diederick (Blognote) of Aronaeveryday and posted with his permission. Today I learned from Diederick that access to blogger has been suspended by the Criminal Court of Peace in Turkey. Turkish bloggers can't log into blogger at all as of now, and this means Monoblog. Monoblog doesn't know for how long. He won't be able to upload photos or answer comments for the duration. Let's all go to Izmir and send him a note of encouragement that he'll see when he's allowed to return.

Now, I get to give the award in turn to five bloggers, according to the following rules:
1. Only five people are allowed.
2. Four have to be dedicated followers of your blog.
3. One has to be someone new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the world.
4. You must link back to whoever gave you the award.

Sometimes these awards can be like chain letters and I'll understand if my designees choose not to pass it on. But this one's been going around delighting people (it certainly delighted me), so I'll give it a try. It isn't easy because there are so many good blogs. There are many excellent ones right here in Pasadena. So rather than leave anyone out, I'd better choose all out-of-Pasadeners. (Check out my local blogroll, please!)

Here goes:

I joke with USElaine of Willits Daily Photo that she and I are blogsisters, but I don't list her here just because I like her. Her stark, quiet photos of Willits, California lead us through its streets with a new eye on the old west.

Dina of Jerusalem Hills Daily Photo regularly educates me about not only Jerusalem, but also Judaism, history, archaeology and tolerance. Her photos lead me to secret places; her commentary comes straight from her open heart.

Virginia, of Birmingham, Alabama Daily Photo, excels at portraiture, mood, color, framing...she's just darned good. Funny, too. Like my other awardees, she's someone I want to meet, though I feel like I already know her.

Vanda's blog, Toadberry, isn't a City Daily Photo blog like the others. But Vanda's into photography - hers, as well as an intriguing collection of found photos. She's a terrific photographer. I never thought of North Hollywood as beautiful until I saw it through Vanda's eyes.

Saretta is my new friend from another part of the world, Molfetta, Italy. The small town of Molfetta is mine to discover through her photos, even as I get to know Saretta.

I hope you'll check out the blogs above. While doing so, rejoice in your freedom to express yourself and send a good thought to our fellows in Turkey, in hopes that they'll soon be able to do so again. Thanks, Monoblog, my Blogging Friend. Come back soon.


Dina said...

Shalom dear Petrea, your words about JHDP are very touching. I am honored to be one of your blogsisters. But the news about the Turkish bloggers gives me sadness.
Thank you for caring about so many others and for sharing your goodness in each day's post.

USelaine said...

Yes, it is a bittersweet day. Here we celebrate our ties to each other, even as a government power attempts to cut those ties. Thank you, Petrea, as always.

Ted Thompson said...

Any intel on *why* Turkey are being Turkeys? I'm not naive, so I guess I should say is there an "Official" reason...

Virginia said...

Oh my, I am so touched by your kind words, yet so saddened that there are places in our world where something as simple as leaving comments on a blog, is shut down. Thank you for making us aware Petrea. I too feel you are a friend. I have friends here that cannot fathom how I can feel so attached to "someone you don't even know!" They need to spend a few days with us to really understand. I will send Monoblog a note and thank you again for allowng me the honor of being in this fine group.

Cafe Observer said...

If you think it's bad in de USA, remember it's probably worse most everywhere else.

In particular, I'm not to fond of those turkeys, (aka countries) who look at us doggies like we should be sold in a restaurant.

altadenahiker said...

Once again, someone is quite obvious by her absence. Nevertheless, I've heard she is quite gracious, and does think Toadberry is well worth the visit. (As I'm sure the rest are as well.)

Cafe Observer said...

Karin, as a Pasadena blogger, you have been selected to receive my most prestigious Dog Bone Award, especially given your San Marino connection & despite your horsing around.

Petrea said...

The Blogger Ban in Turkey story hasn't been updated since I posted the link in the body of my post ("access to blogger has been suspended"). I went to Google News and searched "Blogger Turkey." It's possible Monoblog can still receive email! Go to his blog, click on his profile and there's a link to it. I sent him a note and it hasn't come back to me, so it's worth a try.

Cafe, you remind me of a saying I've heard: "Democracy is the worst system, except for all the others."

Karin, whoever she is, she is probably local. I would have singled her out but was loathe to incur the wrath of local bloggers who are her inferiors but are as yet unaware of their unworthiness. I'm sure she understands. She's so above it all.

Ted Thompson said...

Sorry Miss P, the links are almost the same color as the text on my monitor (ancient) so I didn't notice that there were links to the story.

As I suspected, no reason, but a strong chance it's religious intolerance.

Cafe Observer said...

P, I think isn't it - capitalism -not democracy?!

Saretta said...

Petrea, have you ever had a really bad day, when everything looks rather bleak? I had one of those days yesterday...spent all day in doctors' offices and the hospital trying to figure out why my 8-year-old son suddenly can't walk because of extreme pain in his hips. They haven't figured it out yet and, obviously, we are worried and upset. And then, this morning I turned on my computer and found that you had given me this wonderful award...truly wonderful because it's an award based on friendship, which I value highly and is just what I needed right now! I won't tell you about how I burst out crying but I will tell you how much you sending it to me means to me. Thanks so much!

So sorry to hear about the problems in Turkey. I love Monoblog's blog. I will send him a message.

Sally said...

Found this by googling:

ANKARA - A court in south-east Turkey on Friday banned Turkish internet users from accessing Blogger, the world’s largest free blog hosting service.

Internet users in Turkey discovered Friday afternoon that the site, which hosts millions of blogs, or web logs, had been blocked. When users tried to view a blogger’s page they were redirected to a message which said: “Access to this website has been suspended in accordance with decision no. 2008/2761 of the TR Diyarbakir First Criminal Court of Peace.”

No reason for the ban was given.

Turkish internet users are used to court-ordered bans of a large range of websites, including the video-sharing site Youtube, which was barred for hosting a video insulting the founder of the Turkish republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

Adnan Oktar, an Islamic creationist has also been successful in getting a variety of sites banned by court decisions, including blog hosting website Wordpress and the personal website of renowned biologist and atheist Richard Dawkins

Sydney Daily Photo

monoblog said...

Petrea and friends,

I found a backdoor to connect my blog and to the others via but this is not perfectly working all the time and I can only answer and leave comments but can't update my site.

Thank you everyone for everything. And Petrea, I don't know how I can possibly express to you the depth of my appreciation...


altadenahiker said...

Horrible business. I believe my email got through.

Vanda said...

Thanks Petrea, I feel honored. Sorry for not posting sooner, work was a bit busy.

Anyone else feels that banning entire sections of the internet is a bit like book burning? It also seems so futile. The internet is too vast and organic to be policed with a jack hammer.

Dina said...

Yay, Selim got through!

Laurie said...

Petrea, I agree wholeheartedly with your awardee choices! I've been charmed by this "award season" around here because of Saretta's observation that it is an award based on friendship. (And Saretta, I am sending hope and good wishes for a quick resolution to your son's medical problem. I'm so sorry to hear of his suffering and your worry. As mother, I can't begin to understand how scary this is for you.)

I, too, am so saddened by the news from Turkey. This feels like our friends there have been put in a cage we can't reach. OUr friendships here have managed to sidestep nations and politics and are based on a genuine feeling of good will and a commonality of day to day life experiences that make us world neighbors. To have this reminder of the reality of governments and borders just makes me sad. But it also makes me appreciate all of you even more.

Petrea said...

Thanks, all. I'm sorry I haven't had much time to respond to comments. I read an exchange on USElaine's blog between Elaine and Dina about these awards: sometimes they feel like an obligation, sometimes they're silly, sometimes you want to say "thanks for recognizing me but I don't think I'll pass it on."

In this case, besides being thrilled that Monoblog thought of me, I thought also of the Pasadena blogging community, which is diverse and (dare I say?) enfolding. I could give a hundred awards right here in town.

I also thought of blog followers. Thank you blog followers! I am thrilled every time I see a new blog follower on the list.

I didn't have time to return Monoblog's favor the day I received it, but the day I was able to do it turned out to be the right day, for Saretta at least. (Saretta, I'm glad for the tears. Sometimes you need them to relieve tension, yes? Because of Monoblog, I burst into tears when I heard about the Turkish blogger ban.)

What Laurie said about friendships sidestepping nations and politics is so eloquent. The friendship feels real to me, and if friendship isn't about feelings then I'm not sitting here wishing I could travel the world today and see you all.

If you're reading this through email please come take a look at the post one more time. I received permission to post a self-portrait of Monoblog (the same one Blognote had on his site).

monoblog said...

Petrea, the friendship feels real to me, too... I really am thankful for you and all blogger friends.

The self-portrait credit should go to Blognote as he took this one during our meeting in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Petrea said...

Thanks, Monoblog. I changed the post to reflect proper photo credit. It doesn't surprise me you and Diedrick are friends becuse you have similar artistic sensibilities that come through in your photographs. I thought you had taken this photo yourself, though I know you prefer black & white!

freefalling said...

I like his face.