Saturday, October 25, 2008


A great deal of clean-up has been accomplished in the Arroyo Seco north of the Colorado Street Bridge. There's more to do, but that doesn't mean other stretches of the Arroyo aren't worth exploring.

I took this photo several months ago. This graffiti of Comedy and Tragedy, the theatrical masks, was just south of the Devil's Gate Dam near the 210 Freeway overpass. I haven't been by in a while so I don't know if it's still there. I hope so. I'm not a graffiti lover, but I like these two with their sinister expressions.

The Mystery Plays opens in one week, so I've got theatre on the brain. Rehearsals are entering that final-week fever pitch.

Sorry for the late posting today. There's one thing I dislike - I dislike it extremely, about Pasadena. That's that we have only one choice in a cable company: Charter Communications. What a sad excuse for a business. I look forward to the day when we're free to choose something else. Anything else.


Cafe Observer said...

1 man's grafitti is a woman's work of art.

A lead and clue to who would commit this particular crime of graffiti would lead me to investigate the nortorious thespians clan.

They have a long history for such crimes & other drama.

You'll never see us dogs committing such obviously humane acts.

Dina said...

Sorry about your cable monopoly.
Only one week to go?! It seems like just yesterday you started rehearsing. Quick learner you must be.

Bernie K. said...
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Bernie K. said...

If the gods of old were among us—if those shining people had climbed down from their immortal peak, to slum among us—they would appear to us as ragged figures, lost at the margins of our modern towns: bent, anonymous, neglected. Stumps where they had wings and grocery sacks full of castoff bits: chrome and antimony, chalcedony and fool's gold—memories of elements. And in their sad wandering, in their loopy, self-absorbed circuits—mourning perhaps their inevitable descent—they would leave such marks in liminal zones: masks and monstrances, signs and symbols … portents scrawled in memorial to an age gone by.

Kris said...

I’m shocked to hear that you only have one choice in Pasadena, I would have assumed you’d have had dozens!

Christie said...

Graffiti artists are so creative. I can barely get a spray can to not drip!

Good luck with remaining rehearsals. Isn't it fact that when rehearsals are bad, the show is great? You might have a smash hit on your hands!

One of the reasons we don't have cable. We have 2 channels, 4 when we hook up the HD box, and 2 are PBS stations. But thank goodness for DVDs and DVD sets of TV shows!! :)

Tash said...

This will pass for art in my book.

I like your BFF choices - MolfettaDP is great.

Do you have a day that alta/south/adj pas gang is coming to see your play? If so, can you include me? In any case, I'll be there one of the evenings.

USelaine said...

Those darned monopolies!

Christie, if I could get two whole PBS stations, I'd reconsider my decision to not buy television!

Virginia said...

I hear you about Charter. Had them at my other house. Cable was always down. Here the city is divided up and you get cable accordingly. I don't have all that satellite stuff. Can't wait to hear how opening night goes. That's always so exciting.

Petrea said...

You have it right, Cafe, thespians are notorious.

Dina, I wonder if I learn as fast as I used to. I once learned the role of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in a week but I don't think I'd want to do that again.

Maybe Dionysus left this monstranceunder the bridge for you, Bernie.

It seems so, doesn't it, Kris? There's a weird California law allowing these monopolies. It goes out of effect within the next couple of years, I believe. We're waiting for competition to resume.

Uhoh, Christie. Rehearsals are going well. What now?

Tash, I don't have such a date. I'm going to send out a flyer. If you come, we have to go out for pizza or something after, so email me!

Elaine, not to brag, but we have 3. Ha!

Virginia, I'm sorry they've infested Alabama! I like to be positive but I'm bitter about those guys.