Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Zinke's Drive In

Zinke's, at the corner of Colorado and Madison, is one of those businesses everyone knows. Like the sign shows, it's a shoe repair place (as opposed to a drive-in movie or burger joint). And as the online reviews will tell you, they'll also fix your purse or even add a notch to your belt. And they do it very well.

I think Zinke's has been in business for about sixty years. The neon sign, at least, was made in 1948. The other sign in the picture is newer.

According to this February 14th article about the demise of Bungalow News in Pasadena Weekly, "Plans to build a parking garage nearby at the southeast corner of Colorado and Madison Avenue fizzled several years ago...and would have destroyed two other Pasadena institutions - Zinke's Shoe Repair and The White Hut."

So the parking garage thing didn't work out, and the lot these businesses stand on is for sale. Which could mean Zinke's and the White Hut aren't yet out of danger. For now, you can still drive in and get a new notch in your belt, if your belly justifies such tightening.


Pont Girl said...

It's like seeing an old friend! I used to go to the bank right across the street from Zinke's when I worked in Pasadena. I hope they never go out of business - it would be horrible!

Petrea said...

I agree, pont girl. I've been going there since I lived in Altadena starting in 2001. I know things change, you can't stop that. But not Zinke's!

AraratDailyPhoto said...

A drive-thru shoe repair - fancy that!
What other drive-thru stuff have you got?

Petrea said...

Well, one doesn't exactly drive through, Ararat. Maybe at one time it was that way. But they have a big parking lot.

Other drive-through things? That's a tough one. Fast food, coffee, banking and dry cleaning. I can't think of anything else. Anyone else?

Rose said...

I wish they had one like that near by then I could get some of my broken shoes fixed instead living them in their boxes or throwing them away.

Petrea said...

Oh, Rose! No cobbler for you, of all people? Ask around, surely there must be someone, somewhere! My heart breaks for you!

Rose said...

There is but I need to get out of my car!