Saturday, February 9, 2008

Happy Birthday, Charles Shaughnessy

How could I have lived in Pasadena all this time and not noticed The White Hut? It's not white but it's teeny, with a lunch counter and a few stools in addition to the tables outside. When I stopped in yesterday the cook was taking a break and was happy to talk. She said the Hut's been at 26 S. Madison Avenue for about 30 years, and was on Green Street near Los Robles for over 15 years before that. The lot it sits on now was purchased about two and a half years ago and is currently up for sale. She doesn't know what will happen next or when, so you'd better go get your burger now. Or your eggs, sunny side up. And hurry—I hear the place gets crowded.

Outside, I met Alice from Texas (left) and Theresa from Colorado (right). They arrived separately in Pasadena yesterday morning, having each made a special trip to see Emmy Award-winning actor Charles Shaughnessy in the Pasadena Playhouse production of "Orson's Shadow." Major Shaughnessy fans. Yes, one could say that.

Alice and Theresa met on Charlie's Myspace page, but this was the first time they'd met in person. They had tickets to the play for both Friday and Saturday nights. I gave them a list of my favorite places in town to check out during the days. (No, I didn't send them to Chuck E. Cheese.)

I will get to bragging about the world-class Pasadena Playhouse soon. For now, there's something more pressing. See, Alice and Theresa know a lot about Charles Shaughnessy. From what they said, he sounds like a great guy. And today's his birthday.

There are at least two die-hard fans in his audience tonight. For such lovely people to travel all that way to see him—well, that's a hell of a nice present. Happy birthday, Charlie!

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Annie said...

Hello Petrea,

What a lovely little glimpse of some "goings on" in Pasadena today. A place to eat and watch the world go by, two visitors who have stories to tell, you to tell the story . . . nice.


Jim said...

I get the food there is super. The small places have to have a good reason to last for so long. Neat story about the ladies. I hoped they enjoyed the show and their time in Pasadena looks like the weather was wonderful. I have only seen one play in my life, it was in NYC, I think its was an off-off-off broadway play.

Petrea said...

Thanks, Annie. I really enjoyed talking to them. I hope they had a good time here.

Yeah, Jim, we've had a beautiful weekend weather-wise. Hey, you're not far from Dallas. You could see some world-class theatre there. Get thee to a play!

Theresa said...


I can only speak for myself, but I had an amazing time in Pasadena! The play was wonderful. The entire cast did an amazing job, and I would strongly suggest everyone to go see it before it closes.

Thanks again for the tips and conversation!


Petrea said...

Hi Theresa,
I'm glad you had a good time. It was an absolute pleasure meeting both you and Alice. On the day the "Happy Birthday Charles Shaughnessy" post was up, my blog got the most hits its ever gotten!

Alice said...

Hi Petrea,
Thank you for the wonderful notes regarding our visit to your beautiful city. Yes, we really did have a terrific time there and you played an important part in enlightening us on fun and interesting things to see and do. We will certainly return, hopefully in the near future.

The play "Orson's Shadow" was terrific! Seeing Charles Shaughnessy on stage is always such a special treat. He is so talented and so "major movie role" ready.

We (his fan family & friends) are so proud of him. We think Charles Shaughnessy, the man, is a wonderful and caring person.

Thanks, again, for the part you played in helping to make our visit so memorable.


PS: Make sure you get to see the play and take all your neighbor's.

Petrea said...

Hi Alice! Thanks for your comments. I still have a few days to see the play and I hope to do so if it's not sold out. I'm so glad you and Theresa had fun here in Pasadena.