Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's All LA

Yesterday my friend mentioned the weather's been especially nice because the air is clear. I said, "I wish Pasadena was better than LA when it comes to smog, but we do get some." He said, "It's all LA."

He's right. Pasadena is part of Los Angeles. It's a separate municipality, but a Los Angeles suburb nonetheless, only a few minutes from downtown. Many Pasadenans, myself included, work in the entertainment industry or commute to other Los Angeles area jobs.

Hollywood comes here, too. Pasadena, Altadena and South Pas are often busy with TV and movie shoots. Indications in this photo are not just the advertisement for Acting Camp at the 210 Lake Avenue offramp, but also the yellow GW sign. Its function is to direct a film crew to a location. We see this type of sign here all the time.

GW might be a TV show, or maybe a new film. Any guesses?


Palm Axis said...

Sometimes those film location signs can be very funny. I've heard that people collect them.

Ken said...

Where I live they use those orange cones with the production companies logo or name on it.

marley said...

Must be exciting seeing all the film crews coming and going. Though I suppose you get used to it :)

Petrea said...

Palm: Okay. But I think teacups are prettier. Easier to display, too.

Ken: Lots of production in your area, too! (Around here they call it "runaway production," which is a bit jingoist.)

Marley: One gets used to it. But they're unobtrusive, generally. Mostly you just see their trucks.

Jim said...

Acting camp? I dont need no stinkin acting camp.

Ro-me-o Ro-me-o where for art thou.....oh wait wrong part.......line!

Acting camp in Pasadena is like horseback riding camp in Texas....and I dont horseback ride.

Bernie K. said...

My brother's a Teamster, he's working on the "GW" shoot, he said it's a prequel, or a reshoot of Gone With The Wind, but they only have half the budget or something.

araratdailyphoto said...

I hate to admit it but, I didn't really know EXACTLY where LA was (or is!) let alone SPECIFICALLY Pasadena.
I mean I knew it was (is) in California and I know where that is but which bit?
I've educated myself now.
I even know your City Hall is seismically retrofitted!

You know, you look a little bit like a much-loved and respected news reader here in Australia - Mary Kostakidis - have a look here

Pont Girl said...

How about the All Saint's Church in Pasadena - it's in practically every movie and commercial where there is a wedding scene. Beautiful place (behind the courthouse).

Petrea said...

That's okay, Ararat. I didn't know there was an Ararat in Australia, either. Hey, I'm glad I look like somebody popular!

Pont Girl, I know exactly the church you mean. I'll go take some pics.

Timothy Rutt said...

"GW" is "Ghost Whisperer." I know this because they're constantly filming along Highland and Maiden Lane in Altadena, uncomfortably close to Altadenablog World Headquarters. They're camped out there right now, until March 7. No Rhett Butler in sight -- altho' the scene in GWTW in Rhett's garden, where Bonnie Blue falls off her horse, was shot in Pasadena -- Busch Gardens, now itself gone with the wind.

And while All Saints is occasionally used for filming, Church of the Angels is used even more -- I've seen it in no end of horror movies, TV shows (X Files, Buffy, etc.), even a Japanese car commercial I saw with Meg Ryan!

My favorite bit of Pasadena filming lore was watching Warren Beatty's "Bugsy" in a local theater -- they had an establishing shot of a building with a caption that called it a hotel in Havana. It was Castle Green -- the Hastings Ranch theater audience laughed out loud.

edwin s said...

Hello Petrea. First time for you, first for me. Thanks for popping by KLDP.

You know we have a lot in common. I'm an actor/director with my own theatre company. I'm also a member of a another Malaysian theatre company, where I perform and write political satire. And yes, I love travelling too. 2 trips planned this year.

have a great day :)

Petrea said...

Timothy, that is one of the most informative comments ever. Thanks!

Edwin S., thanks for coming by. I got so involved in Kuala Lumpur Daily Photo that I didn't read your "about me" section!