Friday, February 1, 2008

Theme Day: When You Think of Pasadena....

The Daily City Photo Blog community is having a theme day. "When people think of my city..." Each blogger interprets the theme and posts a photo.

I didn't manage to get it together in time to participate officially. Check out The Sky is Big in Pasadena, our other local daily photo blog, because Ben did manage to get it together in time. On his blog you'll also find links to the other participating blogs.

So my theme post is unofficial. I asked online friends around the world what comes to mind when they think of Pasadena. These answers always came up: the Rose Parade, the Rose Bowl Game, Arts & Crafts or Craftsman design, and old money.

Hmm. Combine those into one photo? Italianate design doesn't count as Craftsman, but as the former home of William Wrigley Jr. (of chewing gum fame) and the current home of the Tournament of Roses, the Tournament House fulfills the other requirements.

I highly recommend you browse the City Daily Photo Blog website, and give yourself a world tour. I find these sites enlightening, enriching, and more than a little addictive.


Jim said...

Everything in your photo is beautiful down to the blue sky. I like your link to the old money, funny.

Ben Wideman said...

great stuff. thanks for the nod! I don't think I know where this house is located - still a little new to this lovely town.

Petrea said...

Jim: you always have something nice to say. You're welcome here any time!

Ben: You're welcome, too. I'm not going to tell you where it is, because I know how much fun you'll have discovering it.

Ben Wideman said...

found it! and now I want to visit. thanks for the heads up.

Petrea said...

You did a lot yesterday, Ben!

Yeah, I want to take the tour, too. And the Historical Society, and all the museums... It's endless.