Thursday, January 31, 2008


We're standing on what the Thomas Guide calls the "Mount Lowe Mtwy." I don't honestly know what a Mtwy is. Mountainway? Sure, why not?

It's almost sunset. We're looking south and slightly west. Directly beneath us is Altadena; beyond that, the Glendale hills. Downtown Los Angeles rises in the distance (click on the photo to enlarge it).

Electrical towers carry their gracile cables across miles of these mountains. Our local trails meet up with them from time to time. Maybe the Mtwy is there so the towers can be serviced. In turn, it serves an uplifting purpose for a hiker who needs peaceful break from town.


Jim said...

wow, thats an awesome view

Hyde DP said...

this is a lovely photo -whilst some might argue that the pylons spoil the view and to an extent they do but they also add an extra dimension and tension to the photo. I'm not sure I would want to get quite so close to one though.

Petrea said...

Yes, we have our "rural" distance from Los Angeles, but then again, we don't.

kunal bhatia said...

i quite like the way you've framed this photo. good going.

Petrea said...

Hi Kunal, it's nice of you to visit. I like your blog very much!