Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Rose Lady

I met this lady today while I was poking around the Tournament House taking pictures. She didn't want me to publish her name, but didn't mind her photo being taken. And she was proud of the garden. Tournament House, once the mansion of chewing gum magnate William Wrigley Jr., is Tournament of Roses HQ.

Roses aren't in season, but they need year 'round care. (At the Tournament House, they must look their best!) Today the Rose Lady was pruning the tree roses under the pergola. She said they were a bit ragged, but I couldn't tell.

The Rose Lady told me it's the job of the Pacific Rose Society to care for the Wrigley garden. As a member of the Society, she has worked in the garden for 21 years. It's a volunteer position, but the person in charge has to be a knowledgeable pro. The Rose Lady is the go-to gal.


Anonymous said...

I recently subscribed to your blog's RSS feed and I'm very quickly becoming a fan!

I am a native of Pasadena, and your representation of it is nothing short of stunning. Looking forward to more shots!

Petrea said...

Hi Nico,
I'm honored! That's especially nice, coming from a native. I have much to learn about Pasadena. The camera is teaching me. I'm having a blast.

Jim said...

She has been doing that so long, what pride she must take in her work.