Saturday, February 2, 2008

Poppies at Parsons Plaza

Here's one of those places I drive past regularly, but rarely notice. (If we walked more often in southern California, we'd see more.) But flowers recently popped up on the plaza and I couldn't help but notice the place.

The flowers looked inviting, but a big, white office tower shadowed the plaza and a guarded lot was the only place to pull over. I waited until the weekend when there was no guard, to park in the driveway and get a photo.

So here's the plaza of the corporate headquarters of Parsons, 100 W. Walnut. From the "about Parsons" link on their website I learned Parsons was founded in 1944. It's a management, engineering, and construction company, and it's 100% employee-owned. I'm impressed by that. But that doesn't begin to tell you everything about them. The list goes on and on.


Jim said...

Pretty flowers and interesting company. They do a lot of everything.

Jenny said...

I have a friend who did contract work for them in Iraq, analyzing human remains to build a case against Saddam Hussein.

Petrea said...

Jenny, that's amazing. Eerie, too. What did your friend think of the work and the company?

I nosed around your blog, which made my mouth water.

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