Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mars Rover Testing Grounds?

The rain returned this evening, but we had a sunny reprieve today so I took Boz for a run at Hahamongna Watershed Park. We shared the trails with other stir-crazy Pasadenans in need of a dose of sun (double-click on the photo to see a couple of bikers on the left). NASA's (or is it Cal Tech's?) Jet Propulsion Lab positively glistened. Snow topped the highest peaks of the San Gabriels.

I've heard the JPL guys tested the Mars Rover here. Maybe on this very terrain, maybe not. I haven't verified the story. This is one of the catch-basins that occasionally floods when we have rain. Today the water flowed further west (toward the left of this photo), in a river running fast toward the Devil's Gate Dam.

There will be no water at Hahamongna this summer. Nor will there be green. We enjoy it while we can.


Rattling The Kettle said...

JPL has indoor testing grounds for the Mars Rover -- scaled-down mockups that can be rearranged to approximate the situations they are trying to figure out (as conveyed by the Rover's camera).

Bernie K. said...

Rumor has it they tested more than one Rover-type doodad in these basins. It's a long way from Hahamongna to Gusev!

Jim said...

Nice picture and story.

Anonymous said...

Nice work. You are now linked to From the Exile, a blog teamed by 15 Pasadenans.

Hyde DP said...

Having just read the other comments I've completely forgotten what I was going to say!

Jpin me in a vitrual cop of tea!

o dear my typing fingers are in need of refershments!

Michael said...

I'm pretty sure they tested the rover in Mars, PA! Where else would it make sense...Jupiter, FL?

Petrea said...

rattling: JPL also has outdoor test sites--one on their roof that mimics whatever planetary surface they need.

Bernie and Jim: nice to see you guys, as always. Jim, your photo today is something else.

Hyde DP: see my note on your blog.

Michael: I'd suggest you get a hobby, but I think you already have one.