Saturday, January 7, 2012

Boz Humbug

Notice the pretty eyes, no longer hidden by a horrible old cone.

Boz and I have found a lot of Christmas trees lying, drying at the curb. We wondered what the deal is so we did a bit of research. It wasn't easy to find but by searching the city's website for "christmas tree" (quotes included) I found this information at the bottom of the Pay as You Throw Program page:

"What should I do with my Christmas Tree?
There is a separate, free, Christmas tree recycling program. Notices will be sent to residents to inform them of their tree pickup date.  For your tree to be collected and recycled, you:

1.  Must place your tree at the curb by your specified time

2.  Must remove all tinsel, ornaments and decorations

3.  Must remove all metal and plastic bowls/stands

4.  Must place tree on the curb, not in the alley"

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who are so anal that when they received their notice umpteen moons ago they put it in a safe place where they would remember it and they now know exactly what their Christmas tree collection date is, and those who think they never received their notice.

Guess which kind of person I am.

Boz is an expert at disseminating information and he wants me to spread the word. Drop-off dates have already passed but you can still put your tree by the curb on your normal curbside pick-up day through January 13th. After that, I imagine you'll have to call the city to arrange for a large item pick-up.

Boz (aka Teddy Butt) suggests you get it done while the do do doing is good.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Unseasonable Charming

It's been unseasonably warm, even for Pasadena. You step outside to take a break. The neighbor girls are having tea on the lawn. You are in Wonderland.

The artwork in the driveway is evidence of their artistic labors.  

Pac Man? you think, who's youth are we living here, anyway?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Attitude Sickness

I haven't been getting out with the camera much lately. Two main reasons: crowd avoidance (Tournament of Roses) and canine coverage (Boz gets his stitch out Friday, the cone will come off and all hell will break loose).

I have a wealth of photos in my archives, and I've used a few. But I still like to shoot. In fact, sometimes I just have to grab the camera and go for it. The photo safaris I've been on have been simpler (no sherpas). The trekking is less rigorous. I don't have to climb very high and I don't even have to carry little packets of dried food.

It gives the phrase "inner landscape" new meaning.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Just a quick snapshot I took while walking in Bungalow Heaven yesterday. I mean it--just a quick shot--in case you were wondering why they call it heaven.

There are restrictions when you own a home in a Landmark District. You can't just slap on aluminum siding whenever you want to. (Hallelujah, I say.) In Bungalow Heaven, you cannot "change any exterior feature (except painting)" without a permit and perhaps a Certificate of Appropriateness from the city, whatever that is.

Living in a neighborhood like Bungalow Heaven isn't for everyone. I think those who do take pride in it, and I don't blame them. It's a beautiful part of Pasadena, a pleasure to stroll its tree-lined streets.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I sort of make new year's resolutions, but not exactly. (Maybe this year I'll begin to consider using slightly more definitive language.)

I'm not going to resolve to do anything I don't want to do, even if it would make me a better person. I wouldn't, for example, resolve to learn how to cook (why would I do that? I don't enjoy cooking) or run a marathon (tried that last year and ended up in physical therapy).
Better for me to lose a bad habit, or do more of something I've been wanting to do. 

quit worrying
garden more (the condition of the yard is getting to me)
exercise more


Monday, January 2, 2012

Zen Monday: #177

Because this is a very special Monday, at least for Pasadena, we have two kinds of Zen today. First, we have Zen Zen.

Then we have Zen Monday Zen.

Please share your opinions, wisdom and wisecracks in the comments.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Theme Day: Photo of the Year 2011

Happy New Year! It's a big day here on Pasadena Daily Photo, because not only is it a theme day, it's also PDP's birthday. As of today, I've been doing this for four years.

I am insane.

I choose this photo as my Picture of the Year because it was popular, not just with commenters but with me, too. I like the happy, nostalgic world it shows. Funny--that world actually exists on my block. I called the post The Treasures on Your Block based on a series of books by Ann Scheid about Pasadena's residential architecture.

In my mind, there were other contenders for photo of the year, among them:
Hahamongna Upset Overturned
Unruly Posse
A Stubbornly Persistent Illusion
A Pattern to Follow

If you have other favorites I don't mind if you mention them.

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And thank you for your visits. You're the reason I do this, which sounds like I'm saying "you make me insane." But of course that's not what I mean. I only mean you justify my insanity, and for that I'm grateful.