Thursday, August 11, 2011

A-Movin' Kinda Slow

At first, this looked like a family had a good day at the beach or the city pool.

Then something else entered my mind and wouldn't leave. Something eerie. Something otherworldly. Something...wrong.


Book Dragon said...

why is Petticoat Junction wrong?

I'm going with the good day at the pool image.

John Sandel said...

Jeez, that is creepy.

dive said...

Wow! Petticoat Junction never got aired over on this side of the Pond, Petrea. I wish it had. I'm off to the village water tower to see if I can find three pretty girls skinny-dipping.

Catherine said...

Hi Petrea,
I really like the selection of your pictures. I didn' t get the creepy image. [-;

Shell Sherree said...

Hahaha!! Actually, I'd really love one of those petticoats. {Sorry you missed that TV show, Dive.} Thanks for reminding me, Petrea ~ I haven't thought of it in years. Now that I watch the opening credits again, it occurs to me ~ did people drink that water?!!

Hugo said...

Great, I see the picture and think of something like this. Thanks for evoking sounds although I do not know this TV show :(

altadenahiker said...

You scared me.

Petrea Burchard said...

I was being partly facetious, Dragon. Petticoat Junction was innocent. But the question comes up for me as it does for Shell--were they bathing in the drinking water?

I love the voice of the guy singing the theme song, though. So relaxed.

JS, I thought you'd agree.

Dive, you may have to find three girls to take with you.

Hi Catherine, see my comment to Book Dragon above.

(This may turn out to be a controversial topic!)

I like the petticoats, too, Shell, though I'd probably only use them for decoration. I'm glad you saw what I saw.

Hugo, my friends in Illinois play that kind of music in their band, yet the music says "California" to me.
(By the way, Hugo, I couldn't comment on your blog today because Disqus wouldn't load.)

I know, Hiker. Sinister, huh?

Trish said...


I always wondered the same thing about the drinking water.

As well as wondering where they'd hung their dresses while in there and why the petticoats were with them instead?

And while we're at it, how'd they all stand so close to the top of the well without hanging on to the side (like I had to at a friend's hot tub with slightly less tall sides)?!?!?!

think I'm going to find some nice, filtered, CLEAN water to go drink now....

Bellis said...

We never had Petticoat Junction in England, so how come the Australians did? It looks so innocent now, and some of the acting is terrible, but that old steam train's something else. Are there triplets in the house behind the fence?

As to bathing, perhaps they do it the Japanese way. Soap and rinse off with a hose before swimming in the water. They're very strict about it at the hot springs we went to.

Steven said...

Now this brings back memories. Those gals certainly raised my hormone levels back in 1965 or so.

Petrea Burchard said...

Yeah, Trish. It's a water tower. How does that work? Is there a ledge?

Bellis. Can't the Aussies have something the Brits don't have?

Oh that's funny, Steven. I guess they were babes at that.

Margaret said...

I loved Petticoat Junction. I wanted to be Margaret Jo.

Katie said...

Great summer photo -- gotta love colorful beach towels. I haven't thought of Petticoat Junction in years! I remember watching reruns of that and Green Acres as a kid. Such innocent fun.

Petrea Burchard said...

Gosh, Margaret. You remember the character names.

I remember Green Acres better, Katie. I believe I know all the words to the theme song by heart.

Hugo said...

Really? What is the name of the band of your friends? I love surf rock, in Guatemala we have a band that plays that kind of music.

Something happened with the comment system, thanks for trying :)

Laura said...

So funny! and so clever of you to see the connection, Petrea.

The water wasn't for drinking, it was for filling the steam train, so no probs with sanitation.

I could never figure out how they could put on their petticoats (and dresses) *inside* the tank and not get them wet.

Petrea Burchard said...

Hugo, I don't think they have a name. Either that or it changes, depending on which bar they're playing in.

Laura, what a relief! We can all rest easier now.

Desiree said...

I have never thought of Petticoat Junction as otherworldy or eerie.
Somehow the music was too upbeat.


altadenahiker said...

Thank you for the book suggestion. I expect to see it in my Christmas stocking.

WV: Euditio. Eu ditio, you.

Jimmy said...

..well. It is wrong indeed. Good work as usual! :)

call Nepal

Virginia said...

Oh now that's a good one P. I'd forgotten all about that show. I like your shot too.
Bon weekend mon chère amie,

Petrea Burchard said...

See, Des? See? Too upbeat! I'm telling you, weird. Like they were covering something up.

No, no, Hiker, I have something much stranger in mind for you.

Hi Jimmy, thanks for stopping by and agreeing with me.

You have a bon weekend too, V.

Ms M said...

That's too funny! And, yes, creepy. I haven't thought about that show or Green Acres for years.