Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Tricks

With summer officially here, it got officially hot yesterday. I have no official complaints.

You may wish to brush up on local water use regulations. Pasadena's water shortage has been declared officially over (yay!), but certain instances of water waste are still out of line, baby! Sprinklers are for running through, but not between 9am and 6pm.

That's okay. Yesterday it was good and toasty long after 6:00. Boz and I went for an evening walk and it took us about an hour to go eight blocks. I know he's an older pooch, but jeez. Or maybe it's me. I don't mean I'm an old pooch, but it did feel good to stroll, stop where we wanted to, take a few pictures, smell things, etc. But I didn't pee on anything. Honest. And as tempting as they were, I did not drink from the sprinklers.


Diana said...

Well, there probably was just a lot of pee-mail to be checked (and replied to) yesterday. Just be grateful we humans don't communicate that way (or sniff butts, for that matter...)

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Well, then you both probably behaved yourselves! What fun... I need to run through a sprinkler or two just for the fun of it.


Petrea Burchard said...

There was plenty, Diana. Apparently we stopped to "read" every single message. (And yes, I'm grateful. Very!)

I haven't seen anyone running through them yet, Genie, but the summer is young.

dive said...

Dogs have all the fun.

Petrea Burchard said...

Boz, that old party animal, knows how to lick the fun off of every leaf.

Mademoiselle Gramophone said...

I love the enbiggified photo, all those water drops.

Petrea Burchard said...

Spangles, MG.

Margaret said...

I have no complaints, but I do miss our June gloom already. I hope it's just taking a wee break.

Dina said...

I'm getting sprinkler envy. You don't see those in Jerusalem. Drip irrigation is just no fun for man or beast.
I'm glad you have Boz to slow you down.

Speedway said...

There's someone in the on-line video-sphere who's hung a camera on their cat's collar. They wanted to see what he did and saw on his patrols. Maybe you could put a little camera on Boz, then show a picture his view along with one of yours?

Here in Indy, at any big event on a hot day, there will be big fans spotted throughout the venue w/water spray hoses attached. They give out a nice mist that are about the closest things to running through the sprinklers that an adult can have in public. You surely must have them. Such a relief!

Petrea Burchard said...

Google says we're going to cool down to the low 80's, Margaret, but I don't see gloom for the next few days. They've been wrong before.

Drip irrigation may not be fun, Dina, but it wastes less water than these. Lovely as they are (and fun to run through), they lose a lot through evaporation and bad aim.

Boz's camera would mostly show his various beds and towels, Speedway. But if it recorded sound, we'd have something interesting.

Susan Campisi said...

Those sprinklers do make a pretty picture. Shame they waste so much water.

Tommy is afraid of sprinklers. He heads in the opposite direction every time. Boz could teach him a thing or two.

Irina said...

Beautiful picture. I wonder what Boz thinks about the walk.

Petrea Burchard said...

Susan, I'm surprised Tommy's afraid of anything! Boz is afraid of hoses. Go figure.

Irina, I think Boz knows the walk is for him. Beyond that, I don't know what he thinks. I just hope he's happy.

Latino Heritage said...

Brilliant image. Thanks.

altadenahiker said...

Nothing makes me appreciate June gloom like a couple of 90+ degree days.

(I'll never complain about clouds again, I'll never complain about clouds again, I'll never...)

Virginia said...

Good to know you didn't embarrass my sweet Boz!. I hope you both romped through those sprinklers.

Trish said...

I know more "water dogs" who are afraid of water---sprinklers, lakes, pools, rain.

When I'm out walking pooches, if we're in a time crunch, I tell them "ok, read the Cliff Notes version of the book laid out there, ok?!?! c'mon!". 8 blocks in an hour? Snails move faster!

And I thot you took up running a few weeks back? feeling old now?

Heard it was 103F out in Riverside area---along with a hazmat fatal incident on the 210. ugh!

we've had 101F here for 2 days (when they said it would be 85, tops!). *only* hit 95F today and is cool enuf to have windows open at this hour, thankfully!

I did my own run thru the sprinklers this morning---after 2 hours of yard work I was cooked, literally put the hose on myself so as not to pass out. I imitated Boz for a while...laid out on the couch and zzzzzzz

pasadenapio said...

Funny, I just posted a caption about pee on Laurie's Glimpses of South Pasadena blog. You can't teach an old Irv new tricks, either.

Thanks for the link to our water waste prohibitions that are still in place.

I'll have an article in the July/August of Pasadena In Focus about bigger rebates for water-smart residents just in time for summer.

Petrea Burchard said...

Why thank you, LH.

Hiker, I can't make the same promise. I love these warm days.

Virginia, I hate to tell you this, but Boz is the last person to worry about Boz's dignity.

Trish, you know more about southern California than I do! Be careful out there on the hot days.

Ann, I'm all about saving water so I'm happy to post those links. People were very funny on Laurie's post today! I couldn't come up with anything.