Wednesday, April 7, 2010

iPhone Wednesday #6 - iDrool

iTook this photo with John's iPhone on a visit to the Apple Store on Colorado Blvd. A mere two days after the release of the iPad, people were waiting in line just to hold it.

John has always used a Mac. I'm a recent convert. Since leaving my PC behind last summer I have had not one virus, blue screen, inexplicable melt-down or caesura in the use of my computer. I'm in Mac love.

My desktop computer is a Mac Mini, my laptop is a reliable old PowerBook G4 and my phone is an iPhone. My wallet, however, is the old-fashioned kind, meaning it has its limits, and there's no app for that. I can do without an iPad right now.

But John has his needs. He's in the crowd in that photo somewhere, lovingly fondling an iPad for the first time.

Needless to say, we're feeding our iPiggy bank with high hopes.


Shell Sherree said...

Apple certainly manages to keep on turning out the "It" products! miPiggy bank and I can do without an iPad right now, too, but I'll be curious to hear how John likes it once the initial fondling phase has worn off.

Turquoise Diaries said...

I recently saw the ques on TV. Apple is really doing it. I cant do without my iphone..

Katie said...

Funny photo -- you'd think the people were looking at the Crown Jewels or something. I have my share of Apple products (old iBook, new iMac and an iPod Touch) but for some reason I'm not iDrooling over the iPad. I'll be curious to see how people like it after using one for a while though. Will it be a game-changer, or Apple's fondue pot?

mark said...

One thing I know is Apple is rarely wrong.

Cafe Pasadena said...

I've use both computers. I think when it comes to mac v pc, nowadays the pc is at least as good as the mac.

The problem now is the pc still operates in a anti-pc virus infested environment, whereas the mac has never really had to work in a dangerous battlefield.

Therefore, the pc experiences battlescars & sickness while the mac is basically untouched. However, if the mac were to gain popularity & market share, virus manufacturers wood find it profitable to spend their time creating problems for the macs as well.

Of course, it the virus makers are primarily pro-mac users anyway, then it might not make much of a difference.

altadenahiker said...

Oh, he got one. I wondered if he might be among the first 300,000. (I started out with a Mac -- the one with the teeny tiny screen. Always though Mac was superior.)

Latino Heritage said...

One of the deepest, hardest to resolve divisions that exists is the Apple/PC divide. I learned this when I gave a powerpoint presentation at the Rose Bowl. The staff didn't have an adaptor for my mac to work with their projector. They assumed that it was a pc.
I asked for help from my friends who were there and found them solidly divided into two camps. It was too funny. We figured out a solution but they divide was clear.

Petrea said...

First: I changed the wording of the post. We haven't gotten John his iPad yet. Rather, he was having his first iPad fondling experience.

He liked it, Shell. He's read a lot about it and it was what he'd hoped it would be.

Aysegul, I'm the same. Unlike the Blackberry or the LG, I never had to look at the instruction book to figure it out. It's completely intuitive and it does so much more than those devices do.

Katie, I read Larry Magid's review and he's not too excited about it. He has a couple of legitimate complaints. One, though--that all applications have to be approved by Apple--is probably why Apple products don't get viruses.

As my neighbor says, True dat, Mark.

I think you're right, Cafe. It's a software problem, not a hardware problem. I should probably stop singing the praises of the Mac. Don't want 'em to get too popular.

Karin, I used a Mac ages ago and didn't like it back then (B&W screen, boring). So I did twenty years on a PC. Gave up after too many blue screens, gave in to John's pitch, and I'm glad I did.

Isn't it funny, Roberta? It's like the Republicans and Democrats in Congress.

altadenahiker said...

Did he get to third base?

Gennia said...

Glad to hear that you've discovered the glory of Macs. I have to use a PC at work and it pains me every single was out of commission just yesterday because of spyware. Give me my Mac, please!

The iPad, however, just seems like a giant iPhone that's awkward to hold. Plus, it has such an unfortunate name. I won't be lining up any time soon.

Anonymous said...

I realize it’s a lot of Mac-fans here!

Good for you I’ll say, because then you can call yourself trendy.

Myself, I’m a PC-man and always have been (Have never owned a Mac). At work we have our own division of computer “experts”. When colleagues have problems on their PC’s, they rather ask me for help than the experts. Normally I fix their problems and I like it because it gives me both variation and a challenge.
The experts are very quick to advice either to dump the whole problem (reinstallation) or just say you need another PC.
I also help friends and have handled a lot of virus and other software/hardware problems.

Anyway, I have to admit the iPad also fascinate me, especially before I have touched it. But I don’t think I’ll change.

Apple is doing a good job, and is always a few steps ahead.

pasadenapio said...

This has been getting a lot of buzz lately! I've never been a big Mac fan, mostly because City Hall is non-Mac. My brother has one and I suffer through trying to use it when I visit him.

Trish said...

the iPad (I'm sorry, I keep thinking an AARP convention is coming to town and they are making sure people aren't going to pee their pants--that's what iPad brings to MY mind) pretty hyped up and for once I actually somewhat agree with Magid (omg...that almost never happens!). WiFi is having MAJOR issues, even standing ontop of the stupid router. As one friend said, it's a large format iTouch. Don't need to use glasses to see or use most features.

I haven't ventured out to our local apple store to fondle one, have been reading reviews of those I trust. I do envy John for getting as far (3rd base AH?!?!) with it as he did. ;-) Did he need a cigarette afterwards?

I do suspect that rev 2 or 3 will be better and once again folks will realize too late they've paid the "early adopter fee" to be a beta tester.

And, as to the mac vs PC...been a PC person a long time for price and performance reasons. Have done mac plenty---got tired of paying a premium for mac only, or having lack of ability to find what I wanted for the machine because it was mac and "that isn't supported". and yes, I used to work for a developers group for has long been more pro-developer than PCs are...devotees don't often write malware for the mac because of that. thankfully.

J.J. said...

I had to use my sister's Mac laptop a few times in recent months and I couldn't stand it! Maybe it was the OS (Safari) but I ended up buying my own Netbook with Windows 7. I'm a PC junkie.

Kat said...

All right. I confess you mac haters out there, my husband and I are early adopters of most things mac.... and we were at the Apple store on the day the ipad came out.

On the pc vs. mac battle though; no one is wrong. Pc's are fab for some things, not so fab for others.

Macs have their plusses and their minuses too. For what I use mine for, works great, I can get all the software I need, syncs nicely to my other gadgets and I enjoy not constantly needing to clean out viruses. And yes, that will probably change some day.

In the meantime -- everyone should enjoy what they love, and love what they enjoy. :)

J+P said...

Just for the record, Mac users start at third base. Premium experience, and all that.

pasadenapio said...

I see iMac rehab centers in this nation's future!

Petrea said...

Oh dear, I've touched on controversy again. All I can say is, to each his/her own.

Gennia--unfortunate name indeed. We'll have to get J to tell us the story of what Steve Jobs originally wanted to call the iMac, because I've forgotten.

JJ, I don't like Safari either. I use Firefox. I also used it on the PC because I didn't like Explorer.

PIO, you made me laugh!

Margaret said...

I prefer my Mac. My PCs were always dying.

Amy said...

I'm slowly getting there. Tim is a Mac person and trying to convert me. My only piece of Apple right now is an iPod, though I hope to get an iPhone sometime this year.

I can't wait to fondle the iPad.

J+P said...

Ah, the iMac … that's a funny story, for those inclined to relish the idiocy of visionaries. See here.

-K- said...

I kind of feel that at this point I missed the Apple boat. I had one several years ago and loved it - until it was quickly phased out for a newer operating system.

And I really should be switching over to the new PC I bought several days ago but sloth reigns supreme.

Chuck Pefley said...

Love the AARP reference! I'm waiting ... perhaps for a very long time, though I did bite finally into an iPhone. I've used Macs since 1990 or so ... however, I do run Windows on one of my current Macs. Windex is necessary sometimes to see clearly.

Petrea said...

Yeah, it's cool that you can run the Windows OS on a Mac if you need to. And K, the switch took me forever. In fact I still haven't got my Mac Quicken up and running. That's a bit of a thorn.

TheChieftess said...

The very first computer I ever used was a Mac...then it was a world of pc's for me...until I got fed up with the crashing and virus laden issues...and started taking photography classes...when the photog program got 24" iMac's...I started using the Mac settings to see how I liked working with it...I am now looking at my 24" screen iMac and clicking away on the most awesome keyboard!!! It is amazingly simple! I have to admit though, there are times when I think something was done easier on the right click of my pc, but all in all, I am happy as an iClam!!!

Lori Lynn said...

no app for you wallet, just wait! one day, there will be!