Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Blog in Town

Do you know what a "Preventorium" was? Roberta Martinez does, and you'll find a 1922 photo of of one on page 60 in her book, Latinos in Pasadena.

I finally bought my copy of the book and I've been nosing through it. Pasadena's Latino history goes way back to before Pasadena was Pasadena. Roberta's book is loaded with photos and history, the integral parts of our town's beginnings and growth. I'm just starting to dig in.

Roberta Martinez is blogging these days at Pasadena Latina. I've just added her to my San Gabriel Valley Blogroll. I try to keep it up-to-date but I may have to stop! There are so many blogs in the SGV now. My roll is getting too big and I'm not talking about the one at my waistline. That's a different post.

This town is full of fab Latinas, so why does Roberta get to claim the title of Pasadena Latina? That's easy. She wrote the book.


Dina said...

Thanks Petrea. I just looked over the book online. It is fascinating and I love Roberta's style and approach.
Wish there were someone like her to write the history of my village.

"Preventorium," however, strikes terror in the heart.

Eleonora said...

Great spotlight, Petrea thank you.
Preventorium–if my Latin doesn't fail me–should be something like an institution for people infected with early stages of tuberculosis. Pasadena had one, according to Roberta? I'll go check out the links you kindly provided to find out.
The book must be fascinating.

Ele xx

Petrea said...

Um, Dina, ahem ahem ahem, I believe there IS someone not exactly like Roberta, but someone who is a good researcher and writer and very much interested in history. You could do it. You might contact Roberta and get a few tips. I'm sure she'd be happy to share.

Also, see Eleonora's comment after yours, she's right about the preventorium.

Cafe Pasadena said...
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Cafe Pasadena said...

But, now I can't help but think who's gonna write, "Blogger's in Pasadena!"

How about you, P? Maybe you can get some time off your 9-5 job!

Petrea said...

Hee hee, Cafe, what ever made you think PDP is work?

pasadenapio said...

Roberta rocks! (If I knew how to write that in Spanish I would.) She's on my blog list now.

Tash said...

I enjoy those publications very much, although I haven't bought the one of PV yet...I love your photo of the book, super classy. And, as always, so nice of you to take us on new blog journeys.

Petrea said...

That she does, PIO. (I don't know how to say it in Spanish, either.)

Thank you, Tash. I like these books, too. I have one other ("Early Pasadena"). There are several about this area and I'd love to read them all. I especially love the historic photos.

J+P said...

Roberta is cool. Therefore her book is, too. Empiric fact.

Dina said...

But shouldn't one of the veterans, the old timers who built the village in 1950, wrote their story? I've only lived here since 2006.
Maybe I could interview them ... but then, I'm an outsider.
I've heard some great stories from a few.

A few years ago the head of the moshav built a picket fence around the old public building, put up a wooden sign "The Founders' House," and that was it. They had planned to gather photos and stories.

Petrea said...

Pasadena was founded in 1886 or thereabouts, and there are still Latino families here who descended from original residents. Have they written the book? I don't know how long Roberta's been here (I think about 20 years, but she may correct me). But it's not about how long you've lived in a place. The book gets written by the person who takes up the project and has the dedication to see it through. Roberta did the interviews and the research, she went to the library and the museum, found the photos, got the permissions, did the writing. Maybe they've gathered the stories at the Founders House and all they need is someone to take charge of the project. Couldn't hurt to ask. And you've been documenting the place in photos for two years now (at least).

Marcos Mateu said...

Great book, and in fact great collection.
Besides that, I'll say your blog somehow manages to feel like a stroll around the city :)

Petrea said...

Hi Marcos, thanks! And thanks for visiting.

Latino Heritage said...

Since history is best when it is written from several different perspectives, it's great when folks who have been in the area a long time and those who are more recent can join together in telling the story. Being new to the area can permit you to ask questions or think about topics in a way. I agree with Petrea. Give it a try.