Friday, October 23, 2009


It's still more than a week 'til Halloween and the pumpkin patches are up all over town. They're like Christmas tree lots. (Sure enough, once the pumpkins are gone the same lots will be stocked with trees set out to dry.)

You've got eight days--well, nights--to get on over to East Jackson Street and see the Halloween decorations. I don't want to build it up too much for you. It's just a nice block with nice decorations, better than most blocks. There may be others that do it up bigger. If you know of any let me know in the comments and maybe I can get some pictures. But if you go to Jackson, start at El Molino and walk west. The Pumpkin God, at the west end of the block, tops it off.

And you must go at night.

If you see me out there with my tripod, say hello.


Cafe Pasadena said...

I hope a brunch of people show up to say, "Hello", to you, P!

Shell Sherree said...

There's a Pumpkin God? Ooooooh. {Margaret, is there a Pumpkin Goddess?}

That's a beautiful silhouette, Petrea, with the pale pumpkin-coloured sky. I can imagine the Pumpkin God up there.


Have a great Halloween, enjoyed the post. Thanks for sharing.


Virginia said...

Oh this is a great shot. Those trees look like a spooky castle to moi. Surely P, you will show the Pumpkin God to those of us that can't book a flight out in time!! And a tripod huh??? Well bravo to you for having the good sense to use one. I'm always bracing myself and trying to eeek out a shot hand held. (Not recommended)

Almost Precious said...

Looking forward to your fantastic photos of the East Jackson Street Halloween fest, and especially one of "The Pumpkin God".

I've been promising to do a blog giveaway for ever so long and, finally, today I've done it. I just have my fingers crossed (along with my toes and eyes) that it won't end up being a total dud. Like giving a big party and nobody comes. :\

Petrea said...

Okay, my map link is a dud. I've seen links to google maps before but there's a trick I'm not getting.

I'll get out (maybe this weekend?) and get some shots. Last year I had the Olympus and I didn't take the tripod. I've been fumbling with the Canon and haven't posted much of what I've taken, although today's shot is from the Canon, unedited. I like the depth, the colors, and how sharp it is.

I don't know if there's a Pumpkin Goddess, but I know the Pumpkin God is not the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown was thinking of.

Virginia, you do amazing night shots without a tripod. I'm too shaky.

You'll do well, Precious! You have a lot of followers! As we say, "break a leg."

Margaret said...

Very spooky. I like it.

FA said...

I was thinking, "Great Pumpkin", ala Peanuts, too. I'm amazed at how popular Halloween decorations have become. Oh well, it won't be long before the orange and black changes to red and green.

Great shot!

Hughes said...

I love October & Halloween. Thanks for the tip about the Halloween decorations, I really want to check it out now!

Petrea said...

Thanks to Greg Sweet for the tip on how to do the map link. It's working now.

Greg Sweet said...

I enjoy the power lines & poles in this photo. Many people hate them and they were certainly a nemesis of mine in a previous incarnation.

I used to work in retail nurseries, and folks would ask me how to disguise the poles. There is no way. I thought they should just stop obsessing on the pole and it will disappear. Oh sure, there are things like Morning Glory (Convolvulus tricolor) that will scramble up the pole quickly, but then they would just turn the obsession on when they'll get the finger wag from the power and phone companies.

There is a sense of comfort in the overhead lines. I have been to places like Irvine and there is an uneasy cleanliness to the skyline, like the wide shots in Edward Scissorhands

What am I talking about? I enjoy the power lines & poles in this photo.

Susan C said...

Love the photo.

And thanks for the tip on East Jackson Street.

Keith said...

Love this time of year and what's become the Halloween season.
You have the Canon 20D? That's what I use.

Petrea said...

Edward Scissorhands was also missing some trees!

My first contact with our friend Vanda was when she sent me this shot, where she made great use of phone lines.

Still, I'd like them better underground.

Remember now, I said I don't want to build up E. Jackson too much. Just a nice block. But if you go, let me know what you think.

Keith, I haven't had my Canon very long. Still learning and haven't posted many of the photos I've taken with it. But I'm enjoying myself.

Ms M said...

Ooo, I like sunset photos like this. The Pumpkin Goddess would be pleased.

J+P said...

There is a grey thing that lives in the tree-tops
None know the horror of its sight
Save those who meet death in the wilderness
But one is enabled

To see branches move at its passing
To hear at times the wail of black laughter
And to come often upon mystic places
Places where the thing has just been.

—Stephen Crane (1871–1900)

AmyR said...

The Pumpkin God is really impressive. Thanks for the tip. Halloween is my favorite, and I don't seem to see many decorations (definitely not as many as Christmas). :D

Beautiful sky!

Petrea said...

Thank you, Ms. M. You just come on by anytime.

J, you're welcome to post beautiful words here, too. I don't have access to poetry in my brain.

Amy, did you go see it?

AmyR said...

We were going to go last night after the Dia de los Muertos event at Hollywood Forever, but we left late. I hope to get over there tonight though! If I leave it for a weekday I won't go, so I must make an effort!

Ibarionex R. Perello said...

Fantastic shot. I love the colors and the lines. I should get out the house more often from the looks of it.

Petrea said...

Hi Ibarionex. I think you can tell when it's the Canon. I shot with it for a couple of hours today but haven't uploaded yet. Had a good time, though!

elizabeth said...

you know, those cypress trees look like they have dressed up as Gaudi's Sagrada Familia church. :-)

Petrea said...

I had to look it up, Elizabeth, but you're right.