Friday, October 30, 2009

Last Day, October 2009

October 23, 5:18pm

The idea of the project I started last month is to take a picture from the same spot and post it periodically, then watch as the spot changes throughout the year. I plan to post on the last day of each month, but since tomorrow's Halloween, this time I'm a day early.

The view looks across Johnson Field at Hahamongna Watershed Park. The logs in the foreground were put there by a team of bicycle riders who use them for practice. The nearest foothills were spared in the Station Fire, but the mountains in the background are as yet bare of vegetation and will probably be that way for a while.

We had a couple of days of steady rain last month. Makes a difference, doesn't it?

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magiceye said...

looks lovely! beautifully captured!

Shell Sherree said...

Gosh, I love nature's resilience! Everything's parched here but I know if we have a couple of days or so of decent rain, we'll see that kind of greening-up too. Again, this is a lovely series, Petrea.

Thib said...

Wow! Much greener than last month !

Bellis said...

Great photo, P - nature's resilience gives me hope. Just add water.

I ran the previous post through Google Translator and got something about cheese and brides! Here's the last sentence (the rest is weirder):

"Hundred percent is generally believed that a foreign bride are mostly high-quality older, married, low-income persons, but according to newspaper cheese Statistics show that nowadays there are quite a number of highly educated, high income earners choose foreign brides as a partner."

Cheese statistics???

J+P said...

Too much self-linking will make you go blind, or something.

(Hey, Anonymous is back! How was the trip man! 37.31%? That's great . 只好說 buh-bye了)

Petrea said...

Merci, magiceye!

It would be, Shell. Our rain wasn't even very heavy, just steady. PDP's resident geologist told me that if we get 3-4 days of it (she was more technical than that) we'll have mud slides in the mountains. But two days greened us up nicely.

Bonjour, Thib, so nice to see you! It makes quite a difference, doesn't it?

Thanks for the tip, Anonymous.

Bellis, that's both hilarious and terrifying. Previous Chinese spam has most often been selling pornography.

Hee hee, J! Or ha ha. What's a good way to laugh on here without making a smiley face?

I'm going to delete the anonymous post. The thought that someone might actually be selling brides via the internet is too horrifying.

Margaret said...

It's so nice to see the change over time. Very lovely.

Bellis said...

It's OK, the Chinese post wasn't about bride selling, it was mainly a hilarious cheesecake recipe and cheese statistics. But why they'd send it to PDP beats me - do you ask people to "Say cheese" when you take their photo?

altadenahiker said...

Yeah, keep this up. I just hope it doesn't look like a bunch of volleyball courts and soccer fields a couple years out.

Katie said...

Delightful photo. I love seeing the hints of green and knowing that this scene will just get more lush over the rainy winter months. I'm still getting used to the fact that winter = green in California.

J+P said...

You don't like the bride? She is very nice, very clean. Maybe you like the cheese? He is also very nice. He smells very strong, the cheese. No, perhaps it is the bride? dralei

Linda said...

Great minds are thinking alike this autumn. How about joining the 12 kuvaa/photos hosted on this Finnish blog?

Cafe Observer said...

Ahem,...haven't I seen U beefour somewhere?

Chuck Pefley said...

Nice idea for a theme. Yes, a bit of moisture does make a difference -:)

J+P said...

Now we're back to the bride again … or is it the cheese …?

Petrea said...

Thank you, Margaret. I hope it changes enough and we don't get sick of it.

Well, you know, Bellis, cheese statistics are terribly important to me.

Me, too, Katie, and I've been here over 20 years.

Hiker, you break my heart. This afternoon a family was out there playing soccer as the sun went down. Human beings need some space that isn't structured. We'll all die if all our space is structured.

J+P=one of the reasons cheese stats are so important to me.

Hi Linda, welcome. Thanks for the suggestion. I love your photo for today on Occasional Scotland.

Cafe, I believe you have.

Thanks, Chuck.

J, somehow that sounds so...wrong.

pasadenapio said...

Very nice. Johnson Field at Hahamongna was constructed many years ago by volunteers from Pasadena Water and Power, a department of the City of Pasadena. For years it was used for informal softball games and a few city employee events, but it currently is not usable as dedicated recreational space.

I must admit I like it as an open field.

Natalie DeJohn said...

What a fantastic photo project! And a great photo. It oozes Fall.

Petrea said...

It works fine as non-dedicated recreational space, Ann. I often see the bike riders there, and there's a guy who practices his boomerang by throwing it at a stuffed rabbit. Sometimes you'll see people flying kites there, or napping. I've even seen a coyote cub sniffing around the edges.

Thanks, Natalie. I'm enjoying it. Once I do a year of it I might try an urban spot, who knows?

Ms M said...

Very lovely scene! The light is just perfect.