Sunday, January 4, 2009


It's sacrilege, I'm sure, to leave Pasadena at Tournament of Roses time. But John and I aren't religious so we skipped town and went to the beach for a couple of days. (If you'd like to see hometown Rose Parade posts, check out West Coast Grrlie Blather or East of Allen.)

So. Tomorrow's Monday. Back to the grind. Back to normal.

But not really.

There's change coming. The year feels new. We're putting one foot in front of the other, not knowing what the ground looks like until our foot lands on it. We can't see where we're going until we get there. It's scary.

Change is the one thing we can count on. It's necessary. Things do not stay the same, they never have. We know change is good, but it can be overwhelming.

This is probably why we cling to beloved traditions like Christmas trees and the Rose Parade. It's why our garages fill up with old relics that never get used or even looked at. It's why we stick to routine, it anchors us.

It's like sleeping in your own bed after you've been away for a few days. It may not be the greatest bed. The pillow may be lumpy. But it's what you're used to, and that's a comfort.


Laurie said...

My little girl is only 3, but she blew me away when she said, "Mommy, I don't want there to be a new year. I like the old one."

USelaine said...

Your tale of faith in yourself, and in life, brings yesterday's Victoria, BC post to mind. You're going to be fine.

Virginia said...

Change is good. We need it so desperately.

Petrea said...

Laurie, that's sweet! My reaction was that she may be the only one. Perhaps I'm cynical, but I'm looking forward.

Thanks, Elaine. I feel it in my bones. I'm off to Victoria to find out what you mean. I always like his posts.

Don't we, though, V! In a way I wrote this in reaction to today's (1/4) Paris Daily Photo post and comments. But it's everything. We need to change everything.

Bibi said...

Wise comments along with your beautiful photo.

I saw your comment about Copyscape at Babooshka's, and just to tell you I've checked for my photos (so far, so good) and added a fingers-off widget on my blog.

Chuck Pefley said...

What a great summation of the only constant in our lives ... change. Yes, it is necessary. Often not embraced, but sometimes beneficial despite our resistance:)

Lumpy pillows, however, are hereby declared exempt :)

marley said...

I like the sunlight reflected in the water. I hope we still get Zen Monday, I need routine!

Margaret said...

It does feel like a new year. I'm not sure why. Maybe the upcoming change in administrations. Maybe all the financial chaos. But you're right. Change is coming. Hold on tight.

altadenahiker said...

One of my routines is visiting your blog. Looks like you had a beautiful new year's day.

Katie said...

Thank you for this lovely beach photo. I like it because it has a wild look about it, with just a hint of pretty sky. I'm totally with you that I feel the changes coming, in so many good ways. It is a bit scary to not know exactly what's to come, and what further pain might have to be endured, but I'm ready for change. Like Altadenahiker though, my route past your blog every day won't be changing!

babooshka said...

A rose tinted view to accompany thoughtful words To change closed minds would be my priority.

Petrea said...

Thanks Bibi, I've got the widget and I'll give their search a try.

Yeah, Chuck. New pillows will be a welcome change!

Marley, I'm glad you like Zen Monday. You shall have it as long as I can find pictures that fit.

I'll hold on, Margaret. Some of my confidence comes from the community we share.

AH, I'm honored to know that. I'll strive to make it worth your while.

Katie, this is actually not a beach photo, though we were at the beach on New Year's day. Since there's no beach in Pasadena it's against my "rules" to post beach shots here. I'll put them on Overdog when I've sorted them. This shot is of an oversized puddle at Hahamongna Watershed Park (where else?).

Babooshka, that would be an excellent start.

Ms M said...

Lovely water shot; the colors are gorgeous!
And I like your thoughtful words about change. Change does seem to be the only constant in our lives. I'm glad it's a new year and think things will improve, in time.

Michael Coppess said...

Petrea, thank you for the kind link to my parade photos. Change is certainly the word for 2009. Personally, I hope that change includes more visits to our beautiful local sites like Hahamonga and Eaton Canyon!

magiceye said...

well said!