Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Water Use

It was still hot at around 6:00 Sunday evening when John and I arrived at Paseo Colorado to catch dinner and a movie. These kids were loving the heat.

There are two fountains at the Paseo. I don't shop there often, but it seems every time I'm there I find children enjoying this one. That's a fine use of resources.


Anonymous said...

2day would be a nice day for me to be a kid again.
Can you just imagine the advantages it has over the adult world?
I wish that were possible by just the click of a button. A toggle switch would be so wonderful!!
I better stop here or my mind will carry me away & this post will look like an essay.
Thanks, Petrea, for this pic! (r those your kids??)

USelaine said...

I think the adults just need to be willing to get their clothes wet again. 8^) But like a public pool, you don't want to drink the water.

Great light on this.

marley said...

What a lovely scene! Its great to see the little ones having so much fun. You weren't tempted to join in and cool off?! :)

Laurie said...

Petrea, I always smile when I see the little ones cavorting in that fountain. (I suppress my overprotective Mom self and try not to think about the possible unhealthful contaminants in that water. I swear, I've become such a buzz-kill since becoming a parent!)

I love your shot. It's life affirming but somehow melancholy to me... which I always love. Happy/sad is such an intriguing combination for me.

Coltrane_lives said...

A WaterTASTIC shot! Hope you get some relief soon from all the heat! said...

It probably has fluoride in it... YUK. Most all of Europe has rejected fluoride in the water systems. Why?

Here is some interesting info about fluoride...
-14 Nobel Prize winners oppose water fluoridation on scientific grounds.
-Hip fractures – fluoride can make bones more brittle and cause joint
stiffness and pain.
-Lowered IQ in children, even at low dose.
-Decreased thyroid function.
-Bone cancer – positive in animal studies and later to be seen
positive in young boys by a 2006 study.
-Only nine countries in the world have fluoridation of more than 50
per cent of their public water supplies.
-Less than 2 per cent of Continental Europe's drinking water is
fluoridated. Europe has abandoned the discredited practice over the
past 30 years and with no loss to dental health.
-Japan, China, Scotland and Northern Ireland have rejected
fluoridation. Israel has ceased expansion due to recent research
exposing negative health effects.

If you are still not convinced, read the data sheet...

Data Sheet on Fluoride....
(read the last line in Section 11 - it causes cancer)

If you still arent convinced, see this photo taken where cities fluoridate our water... Do you want THAT crap in our water?

The bottom line is fluoride reduces cavities because it is a poison
(pesticide) and it kills bacteria. Less bacteria, less acid, less

Why are we letting our cities and governements do this to us?

Petrea said...

Brain toggle. I like it, Life observer. (Not my kids. Cute, though, huh? I love the boy in blue for his gleeful face.)

Wish I could take credit for that light, Elaine.

Marley, we were on our way to see WallE. Wet clothes in an air-conditioned theatre, no!

Laurie: happy/sad. Maybe because day is done? Soon it'll be time to go home. Glad you like it.

I think it's cooling down Coltrane, but I hiked today at midday and I believe it was a mistaaaaaaaaaake.

Christie said...

We have something like this at a nearby children's garden, but it can only be on about 5 months a year! How wonderful for the kids to play in; they look like they're having so much fun.

Petrea said...

You convinced me, shirtees. It sounds like one of those things that's been around forever and no one thinks about getting rid of it. Is there a movement underway?

Yes, Christie, but I'll bet your kids are great ice skaters. I used to cut a mean figure 8 on the campus pond in DeKalb.

Bernie K. said...

One fish to another: "I don't drink the water. Kids play in it."

Sara N said...

The Children seems so happy,I wish to be as much happy as them!

about wearing Hijab,I will bring many photos from Mecca and show you the way that Arab women wear Hijab.You will knew that the diffrences between Iranian muslim women and Arab women!Then judge about it.
bye till next 16 days!

Petrea said...

Sara I look forward to hearing (and seeing) all about it!