Thursday, July 31, 2008

Outward Route

The Colorado Street Bridge has been photographed by everyone with a camera who ever came within view of it. I'm no different. I've photographed it from all angles, searching for my definitive shot. Ben's, for example, is his banner, and it's a beauty. I haven't gotten my definitive shot yet.

Tomorrow is Theme day on the City Daily Photo blogs. After that, while I'm on vacation for a few days, I'll be sharing a few shots I took while on the bridge during the annual Pasadena Heritage Colorado Street Bridge celebration July 19th. I'll tell you a little about the bridge and respond to comments when I can. Zen Monday will occur as scheduled. (Could Zen Monday not occur?)

In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend!
I'll be at my high school reunion.
Eau. My. Gawd.


Laurie said...

Oh, I like this perspective!

Have a great time at your reunion. I managed to avoid both the tenth and twenty fifth reunions for my class. I wonder if I'll remember anyone by the time the 50th rolls around? :-)

USelaine said...

Petrea, you still look like a cheerleader! I'm sure they are all proud to say they went to school with you. Have fun.

Kelly said...

I like the line of the bridge, and whether or not you think it is THE shot, I think it is well done!

Will you be out this way for long?

Tash said...

I love that bridge! That is an unusual angle - well captured.
I look forward to hearing about the reunion -- I missed my 40th 2 years ago & have a while to wait for the next one.

Knoxville Girl said...

I like the angle. Those arches have a lot of visual power.
I went to my 15th year h.s. reunion so I could check it off my life list. It was ok, but most of the people I'd want to see are like me and are not inclined to reunions. So I've skipped the rest and probably won't go to the mumblemumble-th one coming soon.
But you! You are going to have a great time!

Dina said...

Your photo took my breath away!

Good luck with your reunion.

Petrea said...

Laurie, don't wait that long. This is my 35th and already I'm begging the committee for large print name tags.

USE: You're too sweet! I sent you another email (I hit reply, so this one should get through. If you don't get it, I don't know what's wrong.)

Thanks, Kelly. Unfortunately, it's only a weekend trip. I'm bummed that I won't have time for a Midwest blogger get-together. Wish I could meet you and Jeff for Labor Day.

Thank you, Tash! I walk under the bridge a lot, and I love this view of it.

I hope I have fun, KG. I went to the 10th. It was okay. But the 25th was an absolute riot, so I have high hopes for this one.

Dina, thank you so much.

USelaine said...

Reply on these comments may get eaten by their address called "no-reply", so that may be the problem there. You should have a message from me in your professional account. (pb@...)

Keith said...

Sure looks big from down here! The light is just right on the bridge in this photo.

Have fun at your reunion. The 20th was the only one of mine I've been to so far. Amazing how much everyone changed but me...

Christie said...

I don't know, Petrea, I think this is a great shot of the bridge!!

Have fun at your reunion! I was a class of 1, so I can have a reunion anytime I want!!

Katie said...

I like how the the bridge looks from down below. Nice that you can walk down there. Have a blast at your reunion!

Petrea said...

Elaine: I meant I hit "reply" to your email. I think you never got mine ,though.

Christie: I'm amazed you were a class of 1! Actually, when I think about it, I know you're in a class by yourself (in a good way)!

Parisian Heart said...

I've mentioned that I love churches. Actually, I love bridges, too. I really like this shot, Petrea!

Marc said...

I've taken almost an identical picture from the same angle! I went nuts from the Arroyo Seco Stream and took a hundred pictures of the bridge from every angle.

Very nice.

Petrea said...

Thanks, Marc. Pretty hard not to snap away when you're anywhere near the Colorado Street Bridge, isn't it?