Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mills Place

Colorado Boulevard in Old Town Pasadena is lined with great shops. My favorite places to explore, though, are the nooks and crannies—the alleys off the Boulevard. But don't think dark and dangerous. If these shoppers had turned right they'd have found clothing boutiques, two restaurants and a spa.

The historical marker on the right edge of this picture says, "Mills Place: Named for Alexander Fraser Mills, a nurseryman who planted a citrus grove on 7 1/2 acres at the northwest corner of Colorado Boulevard and Fair Oaks Avenue in 1878. Mills Place was originally named 'Ward Alley.' In 1885, a fire at this site destroyed a laundry establishment owned by Chinese settlers." (The plaque was donated by Pasadena Heritage.)

I took a few pictures in Mills Place the other day. We'll do a little series over the next few days.


marley said...

My other half would love all this shopping. I'll make sure she checks out your series!

Come over to Cheltenham to see what we saw in Greece :)

Bernie K. said...

I'm single, so my other half is controlled by medication (& the talking cure). Maybe I should stop down at Mills Place for a Firenze pill-bottle.

Katie said...

Fun photo -- I like how the people and models in the window are all facing the away from the camera. I love to window shop, even if I don't buy a lot of stuff. Although if there's a bakery in the area, all best are off!

Lily Hydrangea said...

I like this photos composition very much.It is the type of photo that makes me want to keep looking at it to try and figure out exactly why. I think it's because the people walking on the street are mimicking the manequins in the window-and it is intersting to see the way the manequins are positioned.I also like the layer of buildings where there are some in the foreground and some in the background. Neat photo, very creative Petrea!

Petrea said...

Marley, you're back! I'll certainly stop by to see the vacation pics.

Bernie, you never stop. Please.

Katie, there's a bakery, ice cream shop, French restaurant, yogurt shop, chocolate shop... I'm reminded I haven't stopped by your blog lately and I love your postcard collection, so I'll be right over.

Thanks, Lily. I liked making it!

Katie said...

Petrea you're speaking my language: "bakery, ice cream shop, French restaurant, yogurt shop, chocolate shop." I think a 5-mile hike between each location would be warranted though.

Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

Who's the manequin and who's real? :)

Miss Havisham said...

I love reading historical tidbits. There is always something new to learn, it seems. All that energy of all those past things still swirl around us. The particles of Pasadena.

Petrea said...

Katie, the hiking can be arranged.

Abu Dhabi, you ask interesting questions for a 235-year-old woman.

Miss H., saw you in Pasadena Weekly. One thing I love about Europe is how well the living cohabit with the dead. We haven't quite mastered that in Pasadena, but we hold onto our local history darned well. Mold and mushrooms, indeed!