Sunday, June 29, 2008

Fun first, then back to business.

I promised one last shot of Mills Place. It's further down in this post. But first:
This guy is big in Pasadena.

Meet Ben Wideman, whose daily photo blog, The Sky Is Big In Pasadena, is Pasadena's other daily photo blog and a favorite of mine. Ben's a very cool guy. I got to meet him Saturday in the real world (well, it was sorta surreal) at a local blogger get-together hosted by Aaron Proctor and Frazgo at the Aztec Hotel in Monrovia. Monrovia Daily Photo wasn't there. Bummer! (Photo by John Sandel.) While you're at Ben's blog, check out the June 26th post and add your two cents.

I hope someone posts a good group photo of the blogger party, because mine turned out blurry. However, I'm inspired to post a San Gabriel Valley blogroll. There are so many great blogs around here, covering every subject. Watch for it coming soon here on the main page. If you have a local blog and it's not there, please notify me. I'll get started today, but it will probably never be complete!

Thanks to Aaron and Frazgo as well as to Kathie, who owns the Aztec Hotel. She went the extra mile to make it a very nice event.

Now to our last picture of Mills Place:
I took this from high up in the parking structure on DeLacy Street at Green, looking east. Mills Place is T-shaped, and this is the east-west part of the T. Way down toward the end of it you can see the red door of Crown City Mattress Works from Friday's post. And you already know the red-domed building is Castle Green because you saw it yesterday.

Hmm. That's probably enough of Mills Place for a while, huh? Tomorrow's Zen Monday. I hope I remember.


Jim said...

Cool to meet a blogger in person. We have a few in he Dallas area but it seems they dont stay blogging for long and vanish. I like the view looking down, looks liks a beautiful day, hope it wasnt hot.

Ben Wideman said...

you're right, I do love the title... AND someone finally picked up on the double meaning in my blog title! Great post.

Petrea said...

Yeah, Jim, I think some people get started then don't stick with it, and that's okay. I'd think in an area like Dallas you'd have thousands, though!

Ben, it was the caption I thought was the witty part. John's idea, of course! (Wait, you mean you planned it all along?)

Eric said...

Hey Petrea - and Ben. I love it when City Daily Photo bloggers meet in real life.

I'm not sure I get the double entendre title though (actually I am SURE I don't!

AP said...

So nice to see you again, PB!

Keith said...

Bummer is right! I didn't know anything about it. Oh well, glad to hear you had a good time! I'll keep my eye out for that group photo.

Irina Netchaev said...

Petrea, it was so great meeting you and Ben and the rest of the local bloggers yesterday. Hope, we'll get to see each other again on a regular schedule. It was truly fun!!!

Ben Wideman said...

well here's the short story. At one time I had heard that the most misunderstood lyric in rock music history is Hendrix' Purple Haze lyric that goes "excuse me while I kiss the sky", which people hear "excuse me while I kiss this guy".

So a blog titled The Sky is Big in Pasadena could easily be misheard as This guy's big in Pasadena. There's the double meaning.

USelaine said...

I suppose Dennis Hopper's blog is kept private.

Petrea said...

Eric, it's a thrill to have you visit here (at "the other PDP")! Ben explained the double-entendre, I see, so I'll just say bienvenue and thanks for the inspiration. Please stop by any time you can.

Likewise, AP. Electrifying, in fact.

Hi Keith! I'll put you on my blogroll immediately. Nobody's list is complete, but if everyone keeps trying hopefully that won't happen again. I was sorry to have missed you.

Irina, it was fun meeting you too!

Elaine: Dennis Hopper lives in Pasadena? Does he use a Mac or a PC?

meandering said...

IT was a great day and Kathie at the Aztec really made it for us!

As always nice to see you and everyone else. Sadly there is never enough time to chat with everyone.

Here is an idea. Make one of these a photoblog event. We all meet in one place and just shot the whole place and then link us all together doing a "view of..." title. Nice way to have one tiny spot recorded that day with each of us bringing our own interpretation. Could it work?

Bernie K. said...

Wait—I thought … Jimi Hendrix is gay?? Isn't he dead or something?

Petrea said...

Meandering, you might be onto something. I agree, Kathie really made it nice for everyone. But much thanks to you and Aaron for cooking up the whole thing.

I...I don't think you really need me to respond, do you, Bernie?

USelaine said...

Bernie - Hendrix is metabolically challenged. Festive, gay, enchanted, all difficult with such a disadvantage.

Petrea! Hopper was at your last gathering! I saw him in the picture! Didn't I?

Petrea said...

USElaine, very funny!

Edward looks like Hopper, I had forgotten. He was there yesterday, too. Now I can't remember which blog is his! Anyone?

Chuck Pefley said...

Sounds like good fun, Petrea. I heard you might be journeying to Seattle in the fall for our small get together. Don't know any details yet, but I think Kim is putting it together.

AP said...

I work right by Mills Place :-)

Alexa said...

Petrea -- nice photo (ditto the one on Ben Wideman's blog), and no pink shirt. And I envy you Eric's visit!

Petrea said...

Hi Chuck, our plans are unformed, but it's still a possibility. I'll be checking with Kim on the dates. Thank you!

Really, AP? I'll watch for you next time I'm in the neighborhood.

Alexa, I'm still walking on air! So many blogs, so little time, I never expected him. It's like having Judi Dench come see me in a play! By the way, it's nice to have you here as well!

Dina said...

Hey, nice to see YOU.
A blogger party, lucky you! I wonder if they ever do that in my country.
Thanks for the tip about Ben's nice blog.

Rose said...

You hang out with some cool people!

Petrea said...

Thank you, Dina. Wouldn't it be fun to find out someone very near you is blogging?

Rose, the same is true of the people I hang out with online.:)

Kim said...

This is a great shot of both of you, and I'm so glad you got to meet!
Okay, after reading the comments I see I've entirely missed something and have to go back and read.
Your get together with other bloggers sounds wonderful. A TV station here hosted something similar last year, but I couldn't go.
Seattle Daily Photo

Lindsey said...

Goodness Petrea, when you smile like that you look like my mother! No joke!