Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pasadena Chines

Pasadenans (Pasadenites?) indulge in the Rose Bowl Flea Market the second Sunday of every month. People from miles around come to pick through acres of stuff. The tradition, pastime or strange habit of rummaging through stuff is called chiner in French. (I learned that at Paris Daily Photo, the inspiration for this blog.)

Ah, but Pasadana is doubly blessed with opportunity to chine. On the first Sunday of each month, the PCC Flea Market is held at Pasadena City College. I hear it's pretty good, too. If I'm going to practice what I preach, I'd better check it out soon.


Sarah said...

Which market is this photograph from?

cindy in pas. said...

What's nice about the PCC flea market is that there's no entrance fee. Cheap amusement for lookey-loos.

Love your blog, btw!

Petrea said...

Sarah: This one's from the Rose Bowl Flea Market. I took it at the January market.

Cindy in Pas.: Thank you! And I must mark my calendar for the April PCC market.

Jim said...

I would love a few of those signs for my dining room/pool table room.

Ken said...

Amazing. It must be a lot of fun looking at all the items for sale.

AraratDailyPhoto said...

Oh - I love a flea market (or trash and treasure as we tend to call them)!
I also love a good op shop.
I got some wonderful, super bargains this weekend just gone - a piece of Murano glass and a piece of Poole pottery.
But those signs... they are awesome...could you wrap one up and send it over? (I'm partial to the one in the back of the truck that says "star").

Petrea said...

Okay, Jim can have the "bar" sign, Ararat can have the "star" sign. I'll take "fleur."

Ken, it is indeed fun. The Rose Bowl flea market covers acres of ground, all around the exterior of the stadium.

Ararat: What's an op shop?

araratdailyphoto said...

You know - an op shop!
Short for opportunity shop (why I don't know - maybe an opportunity for poor people to have stuff, too).
You know - a thrift shop.