Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Day For Exploring

A confession of sorts: I lived in Pasadena for two years before I took a walk in Lower Arroyo Park and saw this view of the San Rafael Bridge. I walked in other parks, my regular places.

We have routines, the roads we always take. But the search for unique photos has gotten me out of that particular rut, at least. If you always walk in the Arroyo, I suggest you walk in Eaton Canyon today, or Hahamongna Watershed Park. Or get ambitions and try the Sam Merrill Trail.

If you can't tear yourself away from the computer (and I know how that is), I have another suggestion. Click on Pasadena Heritage and follow their instructions to send a letter to the City Council and the State Historical Resources Commission. (The deadline is March 15th.) Help put the Arroyo on the National Register of Historic Places and secure its future.


Rose said...

I know the feeling of discovering new places to take photos for the blog!
Today I went to Canterbury - I live about 30 miles away - and found some amazing spots that I had never been before.
Your photos are beautiful Petrea.

Ken said...

You are so right.It make you look at everything a little differently.

AraratDailyPhoto said...

It's such a pretty photo.
It looks very European.
I find the DP blog fantastic for making me go out and look at things, I wouldn't normally.

Jim said...

Thats a beautiful picture and bridge. I know what you mean about getting out and changing things around. I find places now that I heard of before but never took the time to find.

Uma por Dia said...

I discovered new things every day, even where I step every day.

Petrea said...

It doesn't surprise me that all the photo blogger commenters here are regular explorers. It really forces you to look with a different pair of eyes, doesn't it?

Thank you, Rose.:}

Miss Havisham said...

What an eye you have, Petrea. You're good!

Petrea said...

Miss Havisham, feel free to come by the blog and say nice things any time. You made my day.