Saturday, March 22, 2008


I don't take Boz across the dam.

Beyond the Devil's Gate Dam is a footbridge. You can walk from Pasadena to La Cañada Flintridge. Or, less intimidating, from the Dam to the frisbee golf course. Excuse me—Disc Golf Course. The world's first Disc Golf Course, to be exact.

Boz and his friend Sprocket got excited when they heard about the Frisbee Golf Course. But they aren't allowed on the course, with good reason. We told them to stay, and they did. Whew.


marley said...

Very well behaved dogs. It could have been a different story!

Petrea said...

They are good boys, Marley!

AraratDailyPhoto said...

You told them to stay and they did??!!
Where do I get me some of them dogs, I have a couple to exchange!

And "what" again!
A disc golf course!!???
(That's actually not a bad idea)

I like this photo - the curve of the bridge, the sky and those two fellas (they look like a couple of little ponies standing there).

Destitute Rebel said...

Good for you they are obedient, Lovely picture, the clouds look amazing.

Pont Girl said...

They are certainly L.A. dogs because they sure know how to pose when out comes a camera! Happy Easter!

Monica said...

Petrea I'm impressed by the composition of this photo! Wow it almost looks fake! Love it!

Petrea said...

Ararat: You train them, silly.

Thank you all for liking this photo. I'm partial to it as well. The clouds seemed to pose for me just as the dogs did, and I felt lucky.

Monica: Fake! High praise!

Carraol said...

Great catch of these cute dogs. I love their names! Cheers from MC.

Palm Axis said...

We may meet one day. I like the trail that leads off to the left (after passing over the wooden bridge). When I remember, I bring a couple of carrots for the backyard LC horses the trail passes next to.

Petrea said...

I'll be the one with the brown dog and the insignificant camera. You'll be the one with the carrots.