Friday, September 25, 2015

Mt. Wilson Observatory Hideout I

If you don't know how much I love the Mt. Wilson Observatory then you're new here. Welcome!

Mt. Wilson is a muse for me. I've visited many times. I find endless subjects for photos. I love the history. The views are breathtaking. And the Cosmic Cafe serves a fine hot dog. Unfortunately for me, there will be no hot dogs this weekend. So if you're making the hike up the mountain, I suggest you bring lunch. The Cafe will have something for you to drink.

We see these blinking towers and other Observatory lights from our back porch at night. The towers are not actually part of the Observatory, though I associate them in my mind and they loom over the Observatory parking lot. These towers service radio and television stations all over the Los Angeles basin.

But that's not what I'm bursting to tell you.

This. This is what I'm so excited about.

This private cabin is mine for a long weekend. I've got special permission to stay on the mountain in an area that's off-limits to tourists. I haven't seen anyone else for hours. I do see pine trees out of my windows. I feel cool air coming through the screen. A clock on the wall is ticking; I'll probably unplug it. A little road winds along in front of the cabin downhill to the adjacent, fabled monastery (pictures in my next post).

This weekend I'm here to write, write, write, and also to tell you more about this place. Mt. Wilson Observatory is a Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley classic. Its value is immeasurable. There is no other place in the world quite like it.

I won't be on the internet a lot for the next few days except to tell you about my experience. I'll post more photos, including places the regular Mt. Wilson visitor doesn't normally see. I hope you'll check in. I welcome your comments. Ask questions, too! I'll try to get the answers while I'm here.


  1. I am so envious I can hardly write this. The Observatory was my favorite place to walk around when it got too hot in the lowlands. How well did you sleep? Were there strange animal noises outside? Can you see the stars more clearly up there? looking forward to more reports and photos soon, whenever you need a break from writing your new bestseller.

  2. My dear friend Bellis, you are the person who brought me here first and I always think of you when I come here. I do have some fears, yet I am not alone here. The monastery is mere steps away, and one of the Cafe workers stays in the monastery cabin. Human noise is at a minimum so I'm sure if I shouted, everyone within miles would hear.

    I slept very well and got up early. The critters I've seen are birds and ground squirrels. I hear an animal yipping discussion right now and I assume it's loud squirrels. The squirrels here are tiny, but we're too high up for coyotes.

    But not for gnats. The "Off" spray I used yesterday only attracted them, so I'll go without it today and see if it helps.

  3. What a delightful and unique experience you're having! That little cabin looks like a wonderful place to unplug (to some degree) for a long weekend. I hope you'll show us a few photos of the interior, or at least views from some of those windows. I hope you have a productive writing weekend and don't feel the pull of the world outside too much!

  4. Good for you! Enjoy it thoroughly, Petrea!

  5. Thats what an artist residence SHOULD be.

  6. Katie, I'm excited about it and only checking Facebook at meal times. (!)

    William, I am taking your advice!

    The staff here say it's tomorrow night, JS. By the way, I can see our house from here.

    PA, have you been to yours yet? We need to talk.

  7. How wonderful for you! And isn't there a lunar eclipse tonight?

  8. Yes there is, Ms M, and I get to watch it from the mountaintop!

  9. Oh so cool. What a great opportunity. Hope you wrote a lot.

  10. I did, Margaret! It's amazing how much you can get done when there's no grocery shopping or meetings or house cleaning to bother you.


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