Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cherry on Top

a bench on the Caltech campus

April 23 is a day for books. It's World Book and Copyright Day, World Book Day, and World Book Night, not to mention National Cherry Cheesecake Day. For god's sakes, if you're going to cook, use a cookbook. Or at least read something during dessert.


dive said...

I'm using it as an excuse for a clear out and will be taking two big boxes of books in to the city today to leave in prominent places with a "Please take one" sign on.
Camelot and Vine will not be among them. My copy's staying firmly on my shelves.

LOLfromPasa said...

If you were here in England, Petrea, you might be adding St George's Day and Shakespeare's Birthday/death to your list. You get full credit for getting me back to reading books again with your C&V. Oh how I would love to step into your photo to read your book on that bench. Have a super day!

altadenahiker said...

I'm no cook, but I love a good cookbook -- not so much for the recipes, but for the stories they tell in between the recipes. So the freestuff on the internet will never replace Lulu's Provencal Table or How to Cook a Wolf

Petrea Burchard said...

That's not a bad idea, Dive. I've got a couple of boxes worth to clear out, too. Maybe I'll see if the Friends of the Library want them.

Lauren, as so far today's comments are from England two to one, you're correct! I should have included St. George's Day. (Shakespeare is already one of the reasons it's World Book Day).

The cookbooks I have, Karin, don't have much in the way of stories. I'll stop by and you and I can whip up a wolf.

Ms M said...

A very "literary" day, it sounds like. But then books and authors should be honored :-)

My cookbooks are rather utilitarian and don't have stories. Except for the hotdog cookbook I got as a gag gift years ago. Every recipe, from appetizers to desserts included hot dogs.

Bellis said...

Your post today is very relevant to a TV program that I love, The Big Bang Theory. The guys in it are grad students at Caltech, and their neighbor Penny is a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory in Old Town.

Adele said...

I had no idea! I piggy-backed off of your post, and used a photo of the books behind our library. Bellis, how clever of you to put all that together. I love the Big Bang Theory!

Petrea Burchard said...

Ms M, it's funny you mentioned hot dogs for dessert, because I could use some to polish off my stir-fry.

Cheesecake and Caltech! Fab combination, Bellis.

I just checked out your post, Adele. I'd have a lot more space in my garage if I removed the books I've been meaning to get rid of.