Monday, December 24, 2012

Zen Monday: #226

It's Christmas Eve and Zen Monday. What to do? If I must choose (and I must, because I don't have a Zen Christmas Eve photo), then I choose Zen Monday.


Susan K said...

One night I dreampt I was walking across the street…
Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky
In each scene I noticed footprints in the asphalt
Sometimes they were in the street,
Sometimes they tracked the street onto the driveway.

This bothered me because I imagined
that during the time of making footprints
The asphalt was hot
and I felt sorrowful
because I imagined sore footsies.

So I asked the world,
Was this a dare?
Or was this some folly?
Is this a sign of the warming globe,
Or just a prank
(while wearing bathrobe)?

I've scratched my initials
In new cement
But tread the street?
That's really bent.

Anonymous said...

Hope they remembered to wipe their feet before heading indoors?!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

I hope it was worth the walk!. :-)

dive said...

Looks like Santa came early and left his sooty footprints all over Pasadena.
I hope he brought you something nice.

Bellis said...

This is what happens when you cross the road while texting.

Clifford Beshers said...

The footprints of Homo Pasadenus will be studied in the University of Mars Anthropology Department in centuries to come.

TheChieftess said...

Can't top any of these so I'll just resort to wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Hannakah!!!

LOLfromPasa said...

I'm with TheChieftess!!! Have a lovely day tomorrow. Merry Christmas from Lauren and Mr Lauren too :).

Petrea Burchard said...

So nice to see you all on this Christmas Eve, despite the nefarious activities of Homo Pasadenus, traipsing across newly-surfaced streets. And look! We have an original Susan K. poem to enjoy. It's a beautiful day.

Book Dragon said...

I thought of you as I drove home from La Canada yesterday. ;-)

Hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas and safe Holidays!

Speedway said...

Oh, good grief! Workers who were paving a section of the nearby highway told me to not step on the newly laid asphalt as it would have melted the shoes off my feet (Did they say 850-degrees F? I don't remember.) Whoever did this, melted their foot prints into the asphalt instead. Must've been really hot to trot for what ever was on this side of the road.

John Sandel said...

Invisible Man to paperboy: "The roof was better!"

Trish said...

847 needed a cuppa sugar. 853 was blocked off as is evidenced by the blockade. The only OBVIOUS answer was to traipse across the road to borrow a cup from 852. Dang, foiled by the hot roller, again! Stayed for coffee until the feet (and street) cooled down a bit!).

Trish said...

and don't be blaming the Homo Pasadenus, I've got my money on the Hetero Pasadenus, no Homo Pasadenus would ruin a good pair of shoes to run across the street or leave such a mess in the street!

Ms M said...

These are excellent -- I can't think of anything more to add except:

Merry Christmas to you, John, & Boz.

Petrea Burchard said...

We're back from dinner with friends, the house is toasty, and Boz is snuggled in his bed (right by the heating vent).

While we were out we did not text, even when we were not walking or driving. Our hosts didn't text either.

I hope you're all snuggled in your snuggly beds and ready for Santa.

Jato said...

Well, I was pleased to know that everyone in my family had a good christmas this year, but for some reason it just didn't feel like christmas to me. There weren't too many fun and intresting events happening this holiday. I guess people were too shocked about the world coming to an end that it was hard get into the christmas spirit.
But I don't blame them for feeling that way. I hope it wasn't this bad for you guys.

Petrea Burchard said...

Hi Jato: as one commenter said, "Worst apocalypse ever." But we managed.