Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Guest Author Jason Silva

I met guest author Jason O. Silva at this year's Duarte Festival of Authors. What stopped me at his booth were his beautiful book covers. What kept me there was his warmth.  
The first book in his "Edgar Trunk" series for children was a Gold winner at the 2011 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards. 
The second book is a brand new release. Please welcome guest author, Jason O. Silva.

For me, writing a guest blog entry is a little like dining at La Luna Negra. The decor, the atmosphere, the culture (just like this blog) are so colorful. The Flamenco show starts; you're enjoying it as a spectator. How do those dancers achieve such intensity? The experience is full. You are transported. The evening is a splendid, joyous memory in the making.

But then there is the moment. It happens every single time at La Luna Negra on a weekend night. The dancers disperse from the stage and enter the restaurant seeking an unsuspecting partner to fumble clumsily through a few moves with them as patrons jeer and applaud.

There are those who live for the spontaneous spotlight. They are a flame seeking a wick, ready to burn even brighter. I on the other hand abhor public showiness. I wear a t-shirt in the pool. I sit in corners. I keep my cell phone volume down on the lowest setting. So when a beautiful Flamenco dancer swishes through the tables to draw one of us out of the crowd, I pray on my life that she will not pick me. Because if she does, I will sit there like a slug and grunt, "No." I will refuse, even as she tugs my arm. I will act like that arm is asleep, like the limb isn't even mine. Pull all you want.

Afterward, the latent misgiving surfaces. I'm left wondering if I just spoiled the party. Did I knowingly walk into a charming and wonderful scene and then wreck it like an unruly child in a porcelain shop? These are the situations I avoid. Really, my hesitation stems from the fear that my performance cannot do the honor justice. I prefer to be a fan, to watch and enjoy, like with the Pasadena Daily Photo, to peruse, participate in a passive and carefree way, with none of the pressure of having to live up to the expectation of craft, sensibility, and wit contained within the wonderful posts.

But what are we without our foibles? Without our quirks and insecurities? These become for us the fodder for great characters, great moments, and that ring of authenticity that makes stories REAL. The truth is, if you never get out of the chair, you're never going to dance (in life, in writing, at La Luna Negra). There comes a time when we must face our fears, so here you go. Look out, Flamenco Lady!


llandudnopictures said...

The covers are very eye catching and no doubt enhance the reading experience too. As for the Flamenco Dancers, I think the Tapas sounds far too good to leave alone, even for the duration of one dance!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

I googled his name and was surprised how young he was... No wonder I never ran across his books.. I am sure my kids would of loved reading his!.. Sheesh, he was born in 1980?? omg, my oldest was born in 1981... ok, not gonna say another word on that!... Love the covers as well as this post of yours!.

Petrea Burchard said...

I agree, Llandudno. Jason has turned me onto a restaurant I've never visited, and now I must go.

KBF, yes, he is young, and obviously talented.

Thimble Publishing said...

You guys are cracking me up. Hey, I still go to La Luna Negra BECAUSE the food is amazing. Also, Cheval Blanc is also fantastic.... no dancing required. Hope you all check out the books!

Desiree said...

Great to know--I plan on picking up a few copies for Oxy's Literacy Center.

John Sandel said...

Jason, it was great to meet you at the book fair. Congratulations on your success with this series. I can only hope it brings poor Edgar some solace—but in that blighted landscape, can any ray of light persist …?

Petrea Burchard said...

Jason, I'll go to the place where I'm not required to dance!

Way to go, Des, I think these books will be a hit.

Ms M said...

These stories sound enchanting. And La Luna Negra also sounds enchanting!

Katie said...

Wow these books look fabulous! I'll go to a local bookshop and get them pronto so I can read them before sending them to my young nephew for Christmas. Jason thank you for dancing into the limelight on Petrea's blog today. I know you've gained many new fans!

Susan Campisi said...

I'm tutoring a Washington elementary student in reading, and these books look perfect for her. I'll follow Katie's lead and get them right away so I can read them before giving them to her. They look really fun and engaging.

And I'll follow Petrea's lead and go where I don't need to dance!

Petrea Burchard said...

Fun! I love it when authors find readers, especially if they find them here.

Jason, thank you so much for posting today.

Thimble Publishing said...

John, you are a trip! Thanks, Everyone, and thanks, Petrea. I had a blast.