Saturday, October 13, 2012

Musical Driveway

Its Art Weekend in Pasadena, so a musical driveway is appropriate. There's a lot going on in town, most of it free, so click the link and take advantage.

I'm in the middle of:
putting finishing touches on the audiobook of Belinda's Birthday (to be uploaded to Amazon next week);
having the inside of Camelot & Vine designed and created by the soon-to-be-famous Kate Wong;
figuring out the outside of Camelot & Vine, which I finally have in my head, and now must translate to the book cover;
editing a short story, on deadline;
proofreading every little thing;
and a bunch of other things I've decided not to bore you with.

I actually got one thing finished: I hope you'll check out (or, you know, just read) my review of Margaret Finnegan's The Goddess Lounge on Hometown Pasadena. While you're there you can tweet it, Facebook it, comment on it, or Like it with a capital L. Or, like I said, you can read it.

Before you click away, do vote for your favorite contest entry from this week's Camelot Where You Are contest (rules here). The poll is at the upper left.


Book Dragon said...

HOW do you see these things?

You may think I read a lot but I think you have eyes on the bottom of your feet. You notice so much!

Bellis said...

This would have made a good Zen Monday pic. Does the paving slab play the tune when you step on it?

Your book review of Goddess Lounge gets my LLLLL.

Petrea Burchard said...

BD, I always have a camera and I'm aware that I have space to fill every day! So I am LOOKING.

Bellis, I hadn't thought of that. I have a couple of good ones coming up, though.

dive said...

How refreshing.

Petrea Burchard said...

I think so, too, Dive. I picture the parents with the kids when the cement was poured. "Let's carve a song in the cement," they say, instead of the usual, "Let's carve our initials."

John Sandel said...

Iannis Xenakis would be proud!

Ms M said...

How wonderful. I haven't seen "wet cement graffiti" like this before.

Petrea Burchard said...

JS, I never would have known.

Ms. M, it's a new one on me, too.