Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Abstract

This photo reminds me of those word verifications on Blogger, with the blurry numbers. It's an example of a product created by a company that doesn't care about the user's experience. Like printers that drain the color cartridges when you print black and white copies, or phone carriers that keep you on hold for an hour, or the only cable company we can get in Pasadena--the manufacturer just wants you to buy it, they don't really care about whether or not it's useful to you.

Well, I'm here to tell you, I care about User Experience! I want you to visit again and again, so I want you to have a good time while you're here. (I mean--if that's what you want.)

So, let's do a customer survey.

Um, lemme think.


How's the blog working for you?
Does everything open okay?
Does it have the right stuff in it?
Does it have the wrong stuff in it?
Can you get stuff out of it, or is it stuck?
Does it seem fresh?
Is it too loud?
Can you use it for anything?
What would you change about it? (If I would let you, which I'm not saying I would, I'm just asking?)
Does it fit? 
Where do you keep it?
Do your friends have one?
Where do they keep it?

Thanks for taking the survey, and have a nice weekend.


Kalei's Best Friend said...

I would love it if your blog updates would show up on my blogroll every time I log in... I have to refresh and refresh... I think I told you before that yours and AltadenaHiker's are the two that love to skip my blogroll... I use Google Chrome, so maybe Chrome has an issue w/you two?? Sierra Madre's always shows up on cue. I wouldn't change anything about your page, everything fits.

Petrea Burchard said...

Hmm. Do you mean you're using a Google Chrome reader? I use regular Google's reader to subscribe to blogs, and my favorites come through it (in fact, it's really hard to unsubscribe). I'm not familiar with Chrome's reader. Maybe unsubscribe, then resubscribe, see if that works?

LOLfromPasa said...

Fabulous,Yes, Yes, No, Not sure what you mean so must be ok :), Yes, NO, Totally, Not one thing, Perfectly....well you get the idea and no need for me to carry on. Don't change a thing, Petrea. You transport me home to Pasadena regularly and I am entertained along the way...HOORAY!!

Petrea Burchard said...

Thanks, LOL! I'll mark down all your answers. I intend to be completely unscientific about this.

Kalei's Best Friend said...

@Petrea: Just Chrome browser, not reader... Something's wonky w/it.. they have had update after update...

ben wideman said...

Still one of my favs, yes - though I often just read it in Google Reader - it's rare that I open the actual webpage, yes, no, not sure?, sometimes?, no, yes, it has been a bit Camelot-heavy lately! (I understand why, just miss your daily perspective on Pasadena), sure, as mentioned before - on Google Reader, some friends do, various places.

Petrea Burchard said...

KBF, I sense that Chrome doesn't care about your user experience.

Ben! Nice to hear from you. Yes, I sense that, too (about Camelot-heavy). I need to figure out how to continue the contest (because I promised) and still offer the blog people enjoy. Maybe double-up on posts.

Desiree said...

So Mark Rothko-ish

Speedway said...

I enjoy your blog, Petrea, and read it every day. After all, after looking at your pictures and reading it for a year, I got up the nerve to start my own.

I've been trying to finish my own little book, now about to go off to the publisher/printer after the editor gives it a final glance, so my attention has been focused elsewhere. Also, I try to stay out of posts that are Pasadena-oriented and have very little to do with my own locale.

Sometimes, when I'm thinking there are no more pictures left to take, I just start my little odysseys from opposite end, and end up with new(er) viewpoint. There are places I want to go, but feel I need back-up, so I stand on the edge of some territories, waiting for the opportunity to explore.

Maybe, like me, there are different paths you might want to take with it? Or is it just the change in seasons?

Susan Campisi said...

I'm in the User Experience group at work and I'm in a User Experience program at Cal State Fullerton. (For some reason both of those facts strike me as odd.) But anyway, in my quasi-professional opinion, you shouldn't change a thing on Pasadena Daily Photo!

dive said...

It's working just fine for me, thank you, Petrea.
As long as Boz appears on a regular basis it definitely has the right stuff in it.
I keep it with me wherever I go and it fits like a glove. It's just the right volume and I use it to cheer my mornings up with my first coffee.
I tell my friends about it and hopefully they keep it somewhere safe, too.

Bellis said...

I no longer do surveys unless there's a reward. What are you offering?

Your picture does look like those awful Captchas (I think they should be called Gotchas). I swear they're getting harder. I fail a lot, and I don't like failing. Thank you so much for not subjecting us to them.

Petrea Burchard said...

Oh Des, Mark would've been so pleased.

Speedway, I know what you mean about how your attention gets refocused. I've taken the blog in several different directions in the past. Not sure where we'll go next, but just starting in a spot I haven't been to before is good.

All those User Experience experiences, Susan! Some companies should do less, some much more.

Thanks, Dive. Perhaps a "Boz Extravaganza" is in the Saturday offing.

Bellis, you can have anything I can give you!

Pasadena Adjacent said...

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No, don't change anything! My only issue is sometimes, certain blogs (including yours) don't refresh in a timely manner in my google reader - I suspect it's google's fault or my browser's fault (I use Chrome). Regardless, I know I can always drop by from time to time and leave with a smile, or having learnt/seen/read something new.

(ps Thanks for the comment re: Ian Whitcomb at LOL's - how cool he's in Altadena, I'd very much enjoy seeing him play ukulele:))

Margaret said...

I am best about following blogs that let me put them in my RSS feeder, and yours does, so that is good for me. My favorite is Zen Monday.

Shell Sherree said...

Don't change a thing from my perspective, Petrea! And I've been enjoying all the Camelot & Vine inclusions ~ perhaps because I'm not native to your area, I'm happy to have as much or little of Pasadena as you like. {For those who enjoy visiting purely for the Pasadena side of things, your double up idea might be a happy medium.} My blogger dashboard picks up your feed just fine, thankfully.

Petrea Burchard said...

Yowza, PA, I would give up after that.

LOL, that's two strikes against Chrome today; I'm guessing something about their reader doesn't work.

I like Zen Monday, too, Margaret. It's just weird enough, and so participatory.

Thank you, Shell.

Funny, I thought of this survey as frivolous, but I'm getting valuable feedback. Thanks, everyone.

Petrea Burchard said...

I'm sorry, that LOL comment was meant for Londonlulu! (So many Ls, so little brain.)

Ms M said...

I enjoy reading your blog, learning about Pasadena and seeing your photos of the area. That you feature area writers is wonderful. Your contests are fun, as are Zen Mondays. And we all love Boz!
Thanks for your good work :-)

John Sandel said...


Katie said...

Are we supposed to be getting candy from your blog too? Wow you already provide us with such wonderful content! I really enjoy all the great photos and information, guest writers, and goings on in Pasadena, plus the community in the comments section. It's always fun to see what you post, so I can't think of anything to change. I have you in my reader, and also visit directly through Firefox and everything works for me. Visiting on an iPod Touch isn't the easiest way to see the photos or write much, but soon vacation will be over and I look forward to seeing you on the big screen again!

Petrea Burchard said...

No candy. Sorry. Nope. Boz is the sweetness here, and an occasional neighborhood kid when their parents will let me.

TheChieftess said...

PDP is one of my morning staples...I use Google Chrome too and PDP shows up on my opening page every morning. If I'm limited on time I only check a few on my blog roll...and yours is number 1!!!

Petrea Burchard said...

Chieftess, that is huge. Thank you.