Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Camelot Where You Are, #5

I could handle living here!

Our fifth contest entry comes from the wonderful Fabrizio Zanelli of Torino Daily Photo. Fabrizio gives us Castello del Valentino, the Castle of Valentino in the Italian city we Americans call Turin.

Fabrizio says the palace (not a castle, as we learned last week) was

"...built (as we see it now) around 1630 but the first building is around 1275. At the moment it hosts the School of Architecture in Torino but...has been chosen by Mr. Ban Ki-moon for annual U.N. convention. The castle has two fa├žades: one, the main, to the city, the other (the one I prefer) to the river, that run along the city sharing the town from the hill. --- In Italian it is called 'Castello del Valentino' but if the English translation: 'Valentino's Castle' seems to be the only one possible (and I used it in past me too), I personally think that it is wrong. 'Valentino' is the name of *the park* around the Castle, so, in few words, there isn't any Valentino owner of it. So I'd prefer to call the castle in the Valentino's Park.

"(Valentino was a Saint and his remains are in a church at the other side of the river. Originally he was buried in a small church in the park nearby the castle -from here the name of park-. Legend says that around 1700 each 14th of February a sort of party where hold in the park and each lady was used to call his lover: Valentino... but you see, these are legends (also: tales) and I can assure you that Torino in February is cold and frozen (in fact XX Winter Olympic Games in 2006 were in February), so I am not sure that they would have loved a party in the park...)

"Last but not the least consider that Torino is the most rich UNESCO site in Italy (strange but true because it was the first Capital of Italy with Savoy Royal House and you know that Queens and Kings were -and are- not used to live in two-rooms flat), so we have lot of other Castle.

My best,


Thank you, Fabrizio!


I'm excited about the Camelot Where You Are photo contest! The entries continue to roll in and I'll continue to accept them until the publication date of Camelot & Vine. I don't have the exact date yet so keep sending them! Entry details are here.

I'll post your entries during the week and we'll vote on the weekends for each week's favorite. Each weekly winner wins a free copy of my new book, Camelot & Vine, upon publication. Publication day is the final day for entries.

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Dina said...

Viva l'Italia!!

dive said...

Whooee! Disneyland eat your heart out; the real thing looks even better.
If only my old Architecture school looked anything like as good.

Book Dragon said...

well said Dive.

May I move in with you Petrea? With all my books? :D

thanks for the comment! Dang, I took a picture....need to send it in!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

Gorgeous photo! The reflection of the castle is stunning..

Jean Spitzer said...

Wow, amazing. Good story too.

Adele said...

Beautiful photo, and interesting photo. Funny how the Feb 14 legend doesn't match up with the weather. :-)

Bellis said...

What a beautiful photo! But would you really like to live there, Petrea? Imagine keeping all the rooms and toilets clean. (Can you tell my father once worked as a servant in Glamis Castle?) And poor Boz would get lost in all those corridors. Fascinating to learn about St. Valentine. Partying in that park in freezing weather has now morphed into giving cards and red roses.

Petrea Burchard said...

It's marvelous, isn't it? You may all come and stay (BD, bring you books--in fact everyone, bring your books).

Bellis, silly, the servants will clean the toilets. And think of the gardens Boz will have to play in, and the fireplaces beside which he will curl up for a nap.

Now you must tell us your childhood adventures at Glamis Castle.

LOLfromPasa said...

I really like this!!!!

TheChieftess said...

Now THAT'S what I'd call Camelot!!!

Petrea Burchard said...

No kidding!

Katie said...

Spectacular photo of a great looking castle! Torino looks like a very beautiful city. I'll be in northern Italy soon, but unfortunately not near Torino. Another time perhaps!

Ms M said...

Wow, impressive palace!
I'm looking forward to visiting you in your new "digs" ;-) Party time!

Petrea Burchard said...

I've been looking at Fabrizio's blog, Katie. It looks worth a special trip.

Come on over, Ms. M!

Susan Campisi said...

Beautiful photo and fascinating history! Amazing the building was first built in 1275. We just don't have anything that old around here.