Friday, September 16, 2011

Not Skywatch Friday

I like this picture, looking west and slightly south from near the Avalon Funeral home at the corner of Orange Grove Blvd. and Los Robles. I thought I'd post it today because it's Friday and a lot of people post pictures of the sky on "Skywatch Friday."

Normally, that would be my reason not to post it today. I appreciate groups, I even hang out with groups, pretending I belong, but I haven't joined many officially. I've never joined a church or a political party. I've tried joining a couple of movements but I lose interest when things get strident, and they always do.

In high school I was a member of a three-person clique. Later I was in a theater company for a while until...I don't remember why I left, something else must have caught my interest.

I don't join because I don't want to commit to someone else's requirements. I want to keep myself free to say "Thanks but no, I'm not actually a member."

I'm in a book group. All the group asks of me is that I broaden my horizons and bring a bottle of wine.

But I'd be lying if I said I'm not an official member of groups (Facebook, Twitter). I can't pretend I'm not adhering to guidelines (City Daily Photo). I can't pretend I'm some kind of rebel (human race).


John Sandel said...

Wine usually broadens my horizons, too. Meet me on the patio.

dive said...

What a fabulous non-skywatch photo you have taken for your non-group post, Petrea.
I love the contrast between the deeply shadowed Pasadena Cremation building and the pure joyous glory of the sun trying rather unsuccessfully to hide behind a cloud. The sailing ship weathervane is a lovely touch.
There's probably something very deep and meaningful in there but I'm in a 'deep and meaningless' mood so I'll just leave my brain out of this and enjoy the show.

J.J. in L.A. said...

Gorgeous! And I don't join anything political or religious either. They either try to guilt you into something or to bend your brain into their way of thinking.

No thanks.

Susan Campisi said...

Beautiful photo! It's brilliant how you've spun an interesting tale about your anti-group sensibility from it.

Petrea Burchard said...

Good morning! I'm a little late. Wine on the patio, broad horizons, you know.

Thanks, Dive. I sometimes wait to post a photo until I have an inspiration about it (even if it's not deep or meaningful) and I've had this picture for quite a while.
Your phrase "Pasadena Cremation building" not only made me laugh but reassured me that the important details are showing up on your monitor.

Yeah, J.J., that's been my experience. I can often find a common cause with a group, but not a total agreement with core beliefs. So I'll stop in and help for a while, then move on.

Susan, thanks, that's nice of you. It's what the picture made me think of (see my comment to Dive).

John Sandel said...

As far as not joining groups, I totally agree with everybody here!!!

Margaret said...

That's a great photo. Oh, come on, join my clique. All the cool people are.

Petrea Burchard said...

Not me, JS. On principle.

Okay, Margaret, as long as I don't have to sign anything or pay dues.

Bellis said...

Avalon should have that photo framed inside, for the grieving relatives. It makes me feel emotional just looking at those golden rays of hope coming from behind the cloud and radiating up to heaven.

I'm glad to learn you're the same as me about joining and staying in groups - I've been beating myself up over it, thinking there's something wrong with me. The majority of people seem very happy in their groups, and never question the leadership or direction.

altadenahiker said...

Mais boum!

Petrea Burchard said...

I must have gotten it from my father, Bellis. He was the same way.

Oui oui, Hiker!

Speedway said...

Turns out, it seems we're a big group who agree about not agreeing, not following, not going blindly along with any "leader."

But doesn't that mean we may fall prey to a group whose members have agreed to follow, to belong, to blindly go along with their leadership, etc?

Sometimes, just following my own lead can be pretty daunting, as in my

WV: undarit

Julie said...

Your last two blog posts have both touched on the two broad areas I'm currently researching for my PhD: explaining causes of behavior and group memberships. The budding psychologist in me is loving it!

Group membership is actually to some degree unavoidable. We (often involuntarily) classify ourselves and others by all sorts of criteria: age, gender, nationality, occupation, etc, and we form opinions of those within our own groups very differently than we do those outside of our group(s).

When it comes to groups centered around ideologies, though, I'm generally with you guys (I support some, but I've never officially joined). We should allow ourselves the freedom to establish, follow, and even change our own belief systems.

Ms M said...

Stunning photo! Love the sun rays emanating from the clouds.
I'm not much on groups either, but I do enjoy the folks I meet in Blogville. But then, Blogville isn't a "group" group....

Petrea Burchard said...

Speedway, I never get the good WVs.

I'm glad to oblige, Julie. I agree with everything you said and I reserve the right to change my mind about it. I also appreciate people who change their minds and freely admit doing so--I think it shows someone who's willing to hear all sides and be logical.

I know what you mean, Ms. M, though I do think each blog has its own group, if you will. But again, there's no official membership. People come and go.

Virginia said...

I"ll grab a bottle and meet you and J on the patio. Can Boz come too?

I 'm a fickle joiner-upper. Oh I'm all gung ho at the first and post right on schedule, then ........crap. I'can't keep up. I find a photo I love and can't wait a day to post it and that blows the whole meme THANG!

Let's have a group for slackers who can't keep up and just drink wine! We'll elect officers when I get there.


Speedway said...

having started this blogging thing-y at the urging of a friend, it has put me in touch with people who share common interests. Where I live, a decidedly red state/community it has proved to be a bit liberating for me; I know now I'm not alone.

Somehow, each day, I find an appropriate picture, sometimes a few decent words to support it. It is both a discipline and a relief -- so far.

As far as the WV, here's one I got the other day

WV: ingless = whut clas I'm ta'kin' raht noe.

Petrea Burchard said...

Patio Slackers, Virginia. No need to elect officers. Boz is already president.

Speedway, you may have done so inadvertently but you bring up a good point: we may stay involved in groups as long as they serve our needs. For example, as long as blogging serves my/your needs, I/you will do it. Make sense?

Katie said...

Cool photo. The crematorium looks like it should be on the coast of Maine or something. I was a groupie in school (sports mostly, and a goofy French club) but not so much now. I was on a masters swim team until a few years ago but I got tired of the coach telling me what to do. I much prefer doing my own swim workout. That said I do like all the different people I've met in the blog world!

Petrea Burchard said...

Masters swim team? I should have known. Yet I am impressed.

I like the blog world, too, and keep expanding my horizons here, though I hardly have time. I should be unfollowing blogs, not following more. But I keep finding more interesting stuff and people.