Sunday, August 28, 2011

LA, Gloaming

John and I are not the party animals we once were, but we've been going out in the evenings quite a bit lately. It's kind of a big deal because we don't ordinarily step out much out after dark.

(This is not dark, I know that, it hasn't been that long. It's not even dusk. It's the gloaming.)

See the orange glow on the horizon? That's anticipation.

How was your weekend? What's on the horizon for you this week?


Latino Heritage said...

Yes, yes, I'd like some more of these, please. Very Edward Hopper.

dive said...

A classic photo, Petrea. Beautiful.
On the horizon for me is an insanely busy week so I'm not thinking any further ahead than today: a nice, lazy-assed Sunday.

Vanda said...

What a loaded question. Success in new endeavors, I hope.

Petrea Burchard said...

Success in new endeavors! That's a good motto for the week. Let's take it on. Or success in all endeavors, even better.

Roberta, if I had the nerve to wander the streets alone, I'd shoot at night all the time. Check out Kevin McCollister, his LA shots are heartfelt noir.

Dive, when I get too busy I try to remember my stomach: don't clench it, and don't forget to feed it healthy things.

Vanda: sending you the good vibes for success in your new endeavors.

Bellis said...

You were roamin' in the gloamin'? That's a word I haven't heard in a long, long time. Glad the orange glow over the mountains is anticipation and not another fire.

Petrea Burchard said...

We were, Bellis.
I listened to every version of "In the Gloaming" on youtube and didn't find what I wanted--what I imagined. The link takes you to a modern recording, sweetly done.

Susan Campisi said...

It sounds like a sweet song, but I can't hear the lyrics over the rumble of many fans. Photo is wonderful.

My weekend has been busy, busy, busy. Week ahead is the same. I like your advice to Dive. I'll take it. Like the week's motto as well. I'll take that, too.

John Sandel said...

In Twilight

We've gone through joy and crisis
Together, hand in hand,
And now we rest from wandering
Above the silent land.

The valleys slope around us,
The air is growing dark,
And dreamily, into the haze,
There still ascends two larks.

Come here, and let them flutter,
The time for sleep is soon.
We would not want to lose our way
In this great solitude.

O vast and silent peace!
So deep in twilight ruddiness,
We are so wander-weary
Could this perchance be death?

(R. Strauss, 1948)

Jessye Norman sings it here.

Ms M said...

Marvelous photo! I love twilight and night shots like these.
My week looks to be busy, as usual, with work. But it's good to add a little photography, walks, music, and reading to balance things out. Have a good week!

Bellis said...

If I was to order a 2012 calendar from you, this would be on it. Redbubble seems to do calendars, but only if you, P, choose the photos. I'd rather buy calendars from you than from commercial publishers, so perhaps I can choose my favorite pictures and you order them for me? Money upfront, of course. I want my European relatives to see how lovely it is round here, and the calendars of LA for sale are getting boring.
For younger relatives, a calendar of the Zen Monday photos would be fun, wouldn't it?

Petrea Burchard said...

Everyone's busy right now! At certain times of the year every person and organization plans their events. One gets invited to about 40 things, when the maximum doable amount is more like 4. Ah, well.

As long as we're at it, and because Susan couldn't hear them, here are the lyrics:

In the Gloaming
Written by Anne F. Hamson & Meta Orred

In the gloaming, oh my darling,
When the lights are dim and low,
And the quiet shadows falling,
Softly come, and softly go.

When the winds are sobbing faintly,
With a gentle lull of woe,
Will you think of me and love me,
As you did once long ago?

In the gloaming, oh my darling,
Think not bitterly of me,
Though I passed away in silence,
Left you lonely, set you free.

For my heart was crushed with longing,
What had been could never be,
It was best to leave you thus dear,
Best for you, and best for me.

Petrea Burchard said...

Bellis, thank you. I didn't realize I could do calendars. I'll have to take a look. I'm most interested in your suggestions, of course!

John Sandel said...

A calendar of Bellis! Bellis at the Huntington … Bellis in traffic … Bellis in the frozen section … what outfit will she chose for April?

wv: unchucts (n): what you surrender when you're banned from the dojo.

Bellis said...

John, you're naughty! That's a sweet song, but it's not the one I grew up with:

The Glasgow accent is incomprehensible, so you may need to put this through Google translate.

Tracy Wood said...

I am sending two of my kids back to college this week, so my heart is kinda heavy.... we have had a great summer together.

Petrea Burchard said...

A Calendar of Bellis will sell. Big. I can see it. Pasadena Daily Bellis.

John and Bellis, I've never heard the songs you led us to. Quite opposites. "In the Gloaming" is something my dad liked. Maybe it's American. I've never heard "Roaming in the Gloaming."

Tracy, I can only imagine. By the way, your blog is beautiful. I'm not much of a cook and I don't eat spicy foods, but I like the pictures!

Desiree said...


John Sandel said...

Bellis Bellis Bellis

Trish said...

ok, I'm loling...I think the calendar of Bellis won out as cause for the giggles. Not that we've met, but I love the concept of "April". Might just fork over the cash for that calendar, or any other one you put together Petrea.

But up until that little distraction made me laugh so loud the exhausted dog woke up...

gloaming? Uhm, ok.

Reminds me of the day we buried my mother. My father and I stood on the deck at my cousin's home in Glendale. We couldn't see the various towers in downtown LA. My father piped off with "oh, the fog just hasn't burned off yet". I spoke before my brain engaged and said "fog my ass Dad, it's 85F out, that's SMOG! Has the smog clogged your brain you can't recognize smog anymore??!?".

I couldn't find a definition of gloaming that included orange haze...cough cough...(smog anyone?)

Jilly said...

This is beautiful and actually you've taken it at the perfect time. Love that old word, gloaming - twilight - dusk. The BEST time for a night photo.

Petrea Burchard said...

Trish: the orange is smog, probably. The time of day, though, is gloaming. Everyone gets it, regardless of pollution.

This photo's a little grainy and might not end up on my Bellis calendar, but I'll consult with Bellis and come up with something.

Trish said...

forgot...LA folk are testy about their smog, I mean, air. sorry.

Petrea Burchard said...

Trish, I was talking the other day to a woman who was visiting from Australia. She was here for a month with her young son and they both had trouble breathing the whole time. I forget--I've adjusted. California has instituted strong anti-air pollution regulations and our air is so much better than it was when I moved here 23 years ago. But it's not what you'd call pure.