Sunday, May 8, 2011

Petrea's Kitchen Tips: Beer

When I posted my first kitchen tip (about blueberries) I didn't think there'd be another. I'm not what you'd call a kitchen maven. But behold, I have another tip for you: Don't leave your non-alcoholic beers in the freezer too long. They blow their tops.

I've come to this knowledge through years of error and error. The LA club scene intimidated me even when I was a young party animal--too much noise, too much money, too much craziness. I'm not comfortable in crowds, never was. That doesn't mean I didn't like to party in my single days. Just--with my friends. On familiar turf. As much as possible. I had more than my share of fun, though some Saturday nights were less fun than others.

Yesterday evening John, Boz and I took a walk in the neighborhood. We knew by the sounds coming from the houses that folks were home--TV, music, conversation--the neighborhood was downright noisy last night.

I think I know why. You get to a point where you've got what you want. You don't need to go out to clubs to find it. Sitting in my living room on a Saturday night with my husband, my dog and my (very cold) non-alcoholic beer is party enough for me.


... daisy... said...

Ohhhh these are really nice!
I think I can see what you mean... I guess when your life is just the way you dreamed of it, you don't need parties or discos to feel free! You're having your own party at home!

Shell Sherree said...

Sounds like a beautiful evening to me, Petrea. I'll switch the beer for a glass of red wine, being autumn here and all.

dive said...

That sounds like an idyllic Saturday night, Petrea, though I'm with Shell and would stick to red wine (less fattening than beer … I hope).

Ted Thompson said...


Bellis said...

My mind's still a bit dull from the full-bodied red I partied at home with last night, but I'm thinking that those glasses might be full of water this morning. I know we need rain, but why, after a week of beautiful sunshine and heat, does it choose to come on Mother's Day?

Speedway said...

Other than for the occasional Guinness, I never developed a taste for beer, except for after the Indy 500. I would stand all day inside Turn 1, taking pictures for the paper. Afterwards, I'd return to the "office" at the track, get a bottle of really cold beer from the fridge, then go outside, sit in the shade, and savor the icy bubbles. I remember those moments when details from the race fade into the asphalt background.

I prefer champagne, when I can get it. And I still don't like blueberries. Their little tiny seeds remind me of biting into bones. It seems so savage to ravage a little berry just to eat their tasteless (to me) meat.

J+P said...

Speedway & I are in concord:

- blueberries: no
- beer: maybe
- champagne: YES
- Boz: YES
- Petrea: YES

Petrea Burchard said...

I would love a glass of wine, but alcohol and I have had our disagreements. I haven't discovered a non-alcoholic wine that isn't the equivalent of watching a cartoon when what you want is an epic. There are, however, non-alcoholic beers that get past b-movie standards.

The life I have is not what I once dreamed of. It's better. When I was young I had some weird ideas of what would make me happy.

John - yes
Boz - yes
peace & quiet - yes
blueberries - yes
blueberries with beer - no

Virginia said...

And what a great photo you created with the light and shadows!!!

Susan Campisi said...

Last night I drank a few glasses of red wine at a friend's house. I had a great time, but today my brain is fuzzy. Now I'm wishing I'd stayed in with that peace & quiet.

Ms M said...

Thoughtful post. I agree with your sentiments. I think I'll go with wine, tho ;)

Petrea Burchard said...

I do like parties from time to time, as long as there's room to breathe.

Virginia, I had fun with this one--cranked a few values. Did you have a nice Mother's Day?

See, but Susan, you partied at a friend's house. That's safe. And non-alcoholic wine is, what? It's juice. Boring.

Ms. M, I can hardly blame you.

Tash said...

I so love that photo...the overlaping shadows of BLUE! Marvellous. Home "parties" of 3 are all right with me.

Petrea Burchard said...

Home parties. Yes! I can even handle eight or ten.

TheChieftess said...

No clubs for me...but I'll go for a great restaurant and a bottle of red anytime!!!

Petrea Burchard said...

That'll work, Chieftess. Sitting at a civilized table and allowing civilized people to wait on me in a civilized fashion beats the mosh pit of a dance club and always did, even when I was of moshing age.

Dina said...

Great shadows being cast!

Now I'm the one have to look up a word: mosh.