Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just Trash

Is that a camera in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

If you visit Pasadena Daily Photo regularly you know that Just Pocket Camera, ( has been stealing my posts (those that originated here at What they're doing is illegal, so I'm sending Cease and Desist letters and filling out AdSense complaint forms. I promise I won't do this every day, but while we wait for the offending site to be taken down, we're having fun with their translation software.

Yesterday, my post came out on their site like this:

"This pitch creates me prolonged for the packet julep as well as we do not even know what the packet julep tastes like.
It additionally creates me prolonged for Keds but socks, the ponytail as well as the beloved with the crappy car, even yet most times I’ve pronounced “I never wish to be which immature as well as foolish again!”
Still. There’s something honeyed about which swing. I’d dauntless burble gum, the scald upon my heel as well as even the smell of baby oil for the small bit of time with it."

(Then there were a bunch of Google ads, then a little more copy.)

38 people Liked it!

I'm eager to see how this re-translates today.

To those of you who've suggested solutions, I'm trying every one of them. Thank you. And thanks for the encouragement. I hope I'm not boring you with this. Intellectual property rights are important.

The photo? That's just a trash can.


I've just been to look, so you don't have to. I'm thrilled that my first three paragraphs appear before the fold. Next comes this:

“This representation creates me enlarged for the parcel julep as good as we do not even know what the parcel julep tastes like.
It in addition creates me enlarged for Keds though socks, the ponytail as good as the dear with the crappy car, even nonetheless many times I’ve conspicuous “I never instruct to be that juvenile as good as ridiculous again!”
Still. There’s something saccharine about that swing. I’d fearless gurgle gum, the singe on my heel as good as even the smell of baby oil for the tiny bit of time with it.”

(Then there were the garland of Google ads, afterwards the small some-more copy.)
38 people Liked it!
I’m fervent to see how this re-translates today.
To those of we who’ve referred to solutions, I’m perplexing each the single of them. Thank you. And interjection for the encouragement. we goal I’m not tedious we with this. Intellectual skill rights have been important.

The photo? That’s only the rabble can."


Clifford Beshers said...

Funny, it kind of looks like an old style Police box. If only it were blue.

Bellis said...

The site must stop doing this, but meanwhile, it's very entertaining. Off to buy some of that burble gum and make some packet julep.

dive said...

I'm always happy to see you, Petrea, but regretfully that is indeed a camera.

Good luck with the pirates. I hope you sink 'em.

Trish said...

it's got to be grabbing ad $ and link $ somehow. The change of text is awful.

and perhaps if the legal route isn't can spend a day or more forcing anyone who wants to view the site to sign up? might blow them to another site. And/or tick that your site is "mature content"? ;-)

wv: tigerai...their translation of "tiger blood"? ;-P

Petrea Burchard said...

I just posted their re-translation. I would have been disappointed if the site were already down because I didn't want to miss it. But now that it's happened, I'll be glad to see it go.

Trish, are you suggesting I make my blog a private site? Maybe I could do that for a day or two, as a last resort. Thanks. Another good idea.

altadenahiker said...

Well, who isn't enlarged for a pair of Keds? (I'm going to be kind of sorry to see this go.) How about putting a part of a poem up and see what they do with it. Maybe Prufrock or something by Shakespeare? Shall I compare thee to a summer's day ... (Oh, do it. Pleeeeease.)

Petrea Burchard said...

Hiker, I'm enlarged right now and I feel like shopping because nothing fits. Keds are first on my list.

You're right. A sonnet tomorrow. I can't resist.

I just heard from one of the other bloggers. He's already made a complaint to Google and he heard back from them, so good.

TheChieftess said...

Bellis...if you figure out how to make some packet julep...please post the recipe!!! In the meantime, I'm going to go find my keds, put on some baby oil and go out and find me a red trash can!!!

J+P said...

I really want you to include their translation, so they'll translate it. It you keep doing that, & they keep translating their own translations, they could circle in on their own stupidity so tightly that a singularity might occur—an HTML-force-field so powerful that nothing, not even IP pirates, can escape!

Petrea Burchard said...

Don't get a sunburn, Chieftess.

J, if a singularity occurs, will the Just Pocket Camera people go to heaven? I don't want to be responsible for causing that.

Margaret said...

I'm confused.

Trish said...

I like J's the game of telephone, by the time it translates out so many times, perhaps it might get back to close to original...but I doubt it!

and yes P, if Google doesn't help, go private for a few days, so they get an error when they go to steal your stuff. Just warn us tho. I'd have no problem signing in to read, but I hate surprises. As far as I know, my blog hasn't been skimmed, but I've gotten PLENTY of spam..including one asshat spewing about how I deserve cancer...yeah. anyway. wish people spent their time doing good, not evil.

Clifford Beshers said...

J- Html does not have the tensile strength required to create such a singularity. Just as nuclear forces fail to hold large atoms together, leading to radioactive by-products, what you are suggesting would simply generate a bunch of toxic fragments of web-stuff, useless to anyone yet highly likely to get wedged in your mind, causing irritation and blocking proper information flow.

Speedway said...

Go find a sinister clown (aren't they all?), take it's picture, then post it with "Jabberwockey."

That should give the software silly fits. Yep. "Jabberwockey."

WV: Computiot 1) a red, white and blue BC with low memory; 2) someone who can only perform basic math with a calculator.

Petrea Burchard said...

Margaret, I'm sorry I made it confusing. If you go back to the April 12th it should become clear.

Trish, I'm using that "private" idea as a last resort. Google got back to me and I'm working on it. By the way, I love that word, "asshat."

Cliff, that sounds like when a song gets stuck in your head. Well--my head.

Oh, god, Speedway! Shakespeare or Jabberwocky! It's too hard to decide! Jabberwocky is tempting, especially since everyone said their translation sounded like it anyway. If Google is slow enough to respond, I'll have time to do both.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

I like J+P's idea. Then maybe try getting some money out of them. Sue the deep pockets, Canon etc. If your so inclined.

TheChieftess said...

Brilliant J+P!!! I think there's a novel or tv series brewing here...force fields and all...

Ms M said...

Very clever to post their translation, then the re-translation :-) And with a photo of a rabble can, to boot! I hope you're able to get some help with stopping the pirates.
In the meantime, a round of packet juleps for all!

Ms M said...

And it will be fascinating to see what happens with a post of Jabberwocky or Shakespeare -- maybe add a bit of both....

Desiree said...

My heavens!
btw--I've driven by that school bus for sale a number of times, and each time I think of your post!

J.J. in L.A. said...

Hahaha! Love that you're screwing with them...they deserve it!

Petrea Burchard said...

I was so mad at first, but now I'm really having fun with it. Thank you all for helping me turn it around. Rabble can! How can you not love that?

Wait 'til tomorrow. I'm too excited.

Google AdSense to the complaint form I filled out by sending me another form to fill out. I filled it out. We'll see.

Susan Campisi said...

It kinda has a nice cadence to it. I like this line:
"There’s something honeyed about which swing."

But those suckers are going down.

Petrea Burchard said...

Yes, down they go. If we find we really miss the poetry of their language, I'll see if I can acquire the software they're using.