Thursday, March 24, 2011


Tired from my birthday! I ate a lot. Wore me out.

These days, I don't need a party. All I need is my family of John, Boz and me, cozy in our living room.

And computers: one for John and one for me. A bone for Boz. (Addicts, all.)

And books. And crossword puzzles. And tissues to blow my nose on. And plumbing, of course. I feel like we need plumbing. Electricity, too.

But that's all. Except lunch and dinner. And bed. Stop me now, I shouldn't have started.


J.J. in L.A. said...

And music. Preferably Classic Rock. But that's just me. : )

Bellis said...

Too old to disco? Did you ever?

Petrea said...

Keep it going, J.J.

I tried once, Bellis. I even had a wrap-around skirt made of Quiana. But one hour dancing in high heels upstairs at some club in Chicago, and I quit. I was more into FM radio anyway.

Margaret said...

This is a fantastic picture! What a find.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

What about escape routes, social gatherings. hikes, beautiful objects, horses, museums etc?

I recall disco dancing to the pre-programed electric organ grind of Sunny Trotta at the Dragon Pearl over on Pasadena Ave. It was where we Iver's warehouse workers let off steam. The girls were there to pick up on cops. Underage, I was there to dance and drink. It was fun if you wore flats

pasadenapio said...

And some disco music.

"I Will Survive"?

"Stayin' Alive"?

I'm sure there are other disco hits that would provide similar themes, perfect for a birthday.

... daisy... said...

First of all happy belated B-day!!!!
Then THANK YOU for your comment!!!!
And then... :-) Copy-Paste from my blog:
"Petrea!!!!! YESSSS! THAT IS LOVELY!!!! Even if I'm in Italy, yes? I tried to send you an email but it doesn't work. My email is (I will send you my "official" one, which I prefer not to have published here! :-)
Oh and thank you so much for your comment!!!!"

Petrea said...

Fun, huh, Margaret? Ben McGinty's Gallery at the End of the World. He's having his last bash this Saturday, a potluck.

All those, PA. I need all those. And flat shoes.

Disco music may not go under the "needs" category, PIO, but those two songs are good for today!

Oh daisy, you're welcome! I'll send you an email.

Steve Scauzillo said...

what, no party! Happy belated birthday.

J+P said...

Looks like the Chieftess has found some competition in the Exclamatory Punctuation Dept.

Steven said...

You forgot to mention warm, crusty bread with herb-infused olive oil. Ohhhhh and some great wine too. Stop me before I add a warm, bubbly jacuzzi with my favorite female friend.

Petrea said...

Steve, I can celebrate, party or no.

J, there's no contest. The Chieftess is the Chieftess.

Steven, you're just going to have to stop yourself.

Ms M said...

Glad you had a good birthday :-)
You've listed many good things, as have others here. I think tonight I need to curl up in my comfy chair and read after a long workday.

Katie said...

Every garden should have a disco ball. And every birthday should include eating just a little bit too much of something you enjoy. Sounds like yours was a delight!

Desiree said...

happy bday aries1

Petrea said...

Comfy chair and a book, Ms. M. Check.

It was good, Katie, very good.

Thank you, Desiree!

Seems like I'm saying that a lot lately.

TheChieftess said...

Gotta have a disco ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love ya J+P & P!!!!