Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Horses, dogs, children, adults, toads, disc golfers, hikers, mushroomers(!), kite flyers, coyotes, mountain bikers, snakes, birds and all kinds of other people use Hahamongna Watershed Park.

I've mentioned in previous posts that HWP is under threat from a drastic plan by the LA County Department of Public Works to remove silt from behind Devil's Gate Dam. The silt needs to be removed but environmentalists (including myself) would like to see the LADPW examine gentler ways to do it. Otherwise some of the more vulnerable critters who live in the watershed might find themselves homeless.

There are several things you can do to help protect Hahamongna, our almost-wilderness in the city:

Now - Sign the petition demanding a full Environmental Impact Report.

Now - Write to Pasadena City Manager Michael Beck to find out the truth about waste dumping at Hahamongna.

Update, thanks to Pascal Jim:
February 17 - Cleveland Elementary School: the East Arroyo Residents Association hosts "questions and answers" for District One candidates.
Incumbent Jacque Robinson voted in favor of the soccer field at Hahamongna. (Miss H. says 7pm)

Update on Walkabout: Due to this week's rain, the Walkabout originally scheduled for this coming Saturday 2/19 is being rescheduled to March 5th. I'll be leading the 9am tour. Sign up and come with me!
March 5th, 9am-12noon - Join the Hahamongna Walkabout. Tour this delicate ecosystem with a fun guide (maybe me!) and find out why Hahamongna is worth protecting.

February 23rd, 6pm - Attend the Candidate debate at Cleveland Elementary School. Ask the City Council candidates about their plans to protect Hahamongna. (You can pre-send questions to event moderator Frank Girardot at frank.girardot@sgvn.com).

Ongoing - Don't let up.

Tim has more at Altadenablog.


J+P said...

Wow, cool. Will do.

Shell Sherree said...

I love it! What a striking way to illustrate the matter, Petrea. All the very best {still ~ again ~} with this newest situation.

Mister Earl said...

There will be another disc golf tournament on the morning of the Walkabout, but it should not be a problem. If the paved lower parking lot is full, proceed to the dirt parking lot below it.

Petrea said...

J+P knows the park like I do.

Shell, thanks for your support from so far away.

Disc golfers! I'm going to add them in to the post copy. Thanks, Mister Earl.

Bellis said...

It's unfortunate about the disc golf, as I think we'll get in their way - they're allowed to temporarily expand the number of nets for these tournaments.

But don't let this put anyone off, there's so much more to Hahamongna than the area near the car park, and Petrea's guided tour will be FUN.

TheChieftess said...

I signed the petition!!! Used our Glendale address for more impact!!! Hope it all goes well!!!

Pasadena Adjacent said...


Petrea said...

I think we can work around the disc golfers, Bellis. After all, their use of the park is a good reason to preserve it. I hope my tour will be fun. I don't have any games planned but I intend to do my stand-up...

Thanks, Chieftess!!!!! I love your enthusiasm.

That was easy, PA.

Petrea said...

Mister Earl, nothing on the disc golf calendar for Saturday: http://www.ogdgc.org/calendar
Did you get your info from the horse's mouth?

Pascal Jim said...

Thursday, Feb. 19 at Cleveland, the East Arroyo Residents Association will host "questions and answers" for the District One candidates.
The incumbent, J. Robinson has voted in favor of the soccer field at HaHa.
This will be unique from all other "debates" in that a moderator will take questions from the floor, rather than written questions as in previous confabs..

Should be very interesting.

Pascal Jim said...


S/B........ FEBRUARY 17

Had Walkabout on me mind...SORRY...

MIss H said...

Great point, Pascal Jim, about Ms. Robinson. She may have changed her opinion since council last visited the subject. Jacque Robinson was just given an endorsement by the Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters. LALCV.org if it makes any difference?

Please come to the public forum this Thursday night at 7pm and ask!

Cleveland Elementary School, 524 Palisade Street in Pasadena.

Petrea, Is that a photo collage or an actual thing? I love it very much.

To add to the list of patrons, a Meetup group of expert mushroomers scour Hahamongna every March.

Petrea said...

Thanks Jim and Miss H. I updated the post. We shall see about Ms. Robinson. I would not have voted for her, based on how misled I felt by her at the last soccer field vote. If she's changed her tune, I hope she doesn't change it again.

The picture is an actual photo taken at Hahamongna. One day's users in the park.

Petrea said...

Thank you, by the way, Miss H. Mushroomers! I'm adding that.

Bellis said...

In my district, I can't forget that Steve Madison proposed the motion to keep one soccer field. If he'd voted to abolish both, we and the city would not be spending time and money on it.

Petrea said...

In District 3, I was pleased that Chris Holden voted for no soccer fields at Hahamongna.

Susan Campisi said...

I'm so glad you have these regular Hahamongna posts. Thank you. I'm going to try to attend each event you've listed. I'm signed up for the 10:30 am walkabout on Saturday. I hope you'll be my guide!

Those look like fossils in the photo. I love it.

Margaret McAustin of District 2 voted against the soccer fields, too. That made me happy.

Petrea said...

Yes, I was impressed with Ms. McAustin as well as Terry Tornek, and our mayor.

I don't know if I'll make all these events! There's a lot going on. But if everyone gets to at least one of them, that would be great.

Petrea said...

Update on Hahamongna: Due to this week's rain, the Walkabout originally scheduled for this coming Saturday is being rescheduled to March 5th. I'll be leading the 9am tour. Sign up and come with me!