Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Self Portrait at Macy's Parking Lot

What can I say? I'm a square. Who knew? (Don't answer that.)

I spent way too much time in my young life trying to keep up with trends, be cool and say and do what I thought other people wanted me to say and do. I worked so hard at it I fooled myself into thinking it was important.

I'm glad that's over! But I'm not going to waste more precious time regretting it. Youth is like that and I was young.

Middle age has given me permission to be myself. I have embraced my inner nerd.

How cool are you?

This just in:

Hahamongna Watershed Park Advisory Committee meets tonight at 6pm, La Casita Del Arroyo
177 S. Arroyo Blvd. 
There will be an update on the Sediment Removal Project.

Show up! Let's be educated and prepared so what happened in Arcadia doesn't happen in Hahamongna.


Irina said...

So true.
Middle age also allowed to accept the fact that I am far from perfect and hardly ever get there. As soon as I realized it, other peoples' not-perfectness became "just fine".
You are not in the box. Even in metaphoric one.

Steven said...

This photo almost has a prison cell block look to it. Dare to be different.

Petrea said...

Irina, I still struggle with that one. I'm fine with other peoples' not-perfectness (it's the best thing about them) but I can be hard on myself, even though I have no idea what "perfect" is for me.

Gotta dare, Steven, we've got no choice.

J+P said...

You got the right angle on this one.

Susan Campisi said...

Interesting photo. I think your artistic sensibilities and talents make you very cool.

Bellis said...

There's nothing nerdy about this, it should be in an art exhibition - such an interesting mix of textures, colors and angles, well spotted. Is that really your reflection? It looks as though you're looking wistfully out of that small (prison) window.

Research is showing that older people are happier - we can finally be ourselves.

Petrea said...

My theory is that a person who loiters on a parking lot stairway for twenty minutes taking pictures of her own reflection in some random window might be--might just be--a nerd.

pasadenapio said...

Have camera, will travel...even in stairwells. I like the photo!

Speedway said...

Within the picture there are lines that don't meet, others a bit askew, a triangle and a couple circles. Nothing rigid about it. May even be a bit concentric, taking us to the middle, showing us the artist within.

The notion of perfection is so subjective, circumstantial even, that I figure it may be self-defeating to have it as a goal. I try instead for excellence, doing the best I can. I end up with happier results, even in my failures. But if I felt compelled to be perfect, I may not even start at all. (P.S., I am not a surgeon. Aren't you glad?)

Virginia said...

I wuv you my cube headed friend!

Steve Scauzillo said...

you've managed to make that god-awful parking lot look great. Job well done.

Katie said...

I'd much rather see this cool photo of you in the Macy's parking lot than the print ads for Macy's (is it me or do they seem to be having a new sale every other day?). And I'll happily join your nerd club.

Ms M said...

Cool perspective!

Petrea said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments today. (And Steve, I'd rather park in that lot than at the Paseo any day!) I haven't seen the ads, Katie, but I believe you. I say it's the economy.

I like the idea of a nerd club. Where shall we meet?

Dina said...

Can I join too?

Petrea said...

Dina, you're in.

Gina said...

The nerd club should definitely meet somewhere on the Caltech campus - the mecca of nerdhood.

And I might not be cool, but I am happy.

Petrea said...

Happy is cool.

Until Dina can get to town we'll have to meet online. But yeah, Caltech is nerd mecca.

The nerds get all the best stuff, now that I think about it.

Pasadena Adjacent said...

I like

Petrea said...

Thanks, PA.