Sunday, November 28, 2010

Small Business

Ben Wideman of Pasadena--that's THE Ben Wideman, y'all--is the winner of Friday's PDP/PPM book giveaway! Ben was one of several people to guess correctly that the President of the 2004 Tournament of Roses was Michael K. Riffey. John and I recently enjoyed meeting Mr. Riffey on a plane. It takes a nice guy and a dedicated one, too, to put in all those volunteer hours to make the Tournament of Roses the special event that it is. In fact, it takes a lot of nice people to make it happen.

Ben wins a copy of Helen of Pasadena, the new comedy romance novel by Lian Dolan. Lian visits Minnesota, Portland and Seattle next week, so if you're in the neighborhood stop and say hello! And check back here Friday when I have more books to give away, thanks to Prospect Park Media.

Since yesterday was Small Business Saturday I put all the contest entry names in a (clean) poo bag (fits in my pocket better than a hat) and headed up to Altadena. I had small business to do at Altadena Hardware and Webster's Fine Stationers.

At Altadena Hardware they're rearranging the shelves and I still found everything I needed.

At Webster's I bought birthday gifts, Christmas gifts and stuff for myself. In the photo, Scott Webster shows off free trade scarves. (If you're thinking of getting me something, I like them all.) Before I left the store I asked Lori Webster to help me take care of one last small bit of business: she drew the winning name from the poo bag and the rest is history.


Mister Earl said...

Congrats to Ben. Some of the finest people win this contest!

Love the photo.

Petrea said...

Hee hee, Mister Earl. Only the finest people enter.

ben wideman said...

An early Christmas miracle! Thanks Petrea.

Bellis said...

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad Ben won, really happy for him, he takes good photos of Pasadena. But I was so hoping to win this book,and now it'll have to go on my Xmas wish list and I won't be able to read it for ages. It's good news for Lian and her publishers though - another sale! Yay!

Pretty photo - must check out Webster's for gifts.

Petrea said...

You're welcome, Ben. I don't know if it's a miracle, but somehow it seems right that such a Pasadena guy should win such a Pasadena book.

Sorry, Bellis, but now you and I both get to do something I believe in: buy the book and support the author.

Chuck Pefley said...

A great way to celebrate small business, Petrea. And thanks for the gift suggestion -:)

Katie said...

Congrats Ben! I'm bummed I didn't even make it into the poo bag, but willing that guy to be Corky Conzonire just didn't make it so. I too will (happily) buy Helen of Pasadena. Beautiful scarves and thanks for the reminder to shop at local small businesses for the holidays.

Laurie said...

Gotta head up to Websters for some Christmas shopping, myself. I started here on Mission Street a few weeks ago. I found an incredible antique ring -- but better not say more or the family member who is getting it will read this and know all about it!

I'm trying to mostly shop local this year.

Yay for Ben winning the contest!

Petrea said...

I went looking for your Christmas list, Chuck. Hm. I wonder what a CDPB Holiday party would look like?

Katie, I think Mr. C took over after the 2004 parade and presided over 2005. Perhaps I could have worded the question better.

Yay, Laurie! I'm more aware than ever, now that I live in a community I feel part of, that shopping local is the way to go.

USelaine said...

Shopping shot! Shopping shot! I'll take the gray/blue star-check scarf.

Amy said...

Poo bags and scarves. I never know what to expect here. ;)

And Webster's looks like yet another place over that way that I must visit.

Mister Earl said...

Actually, Mr. Conzonire was president in 2008-2009. Dave Davis followed Michael Riffey for 2004-2005.

My friend who's been on the ToR for 31 years thought the hand in your photo looked like it belonged to Gary Thomas 2003-2004. ;-)

Trish said...

@Petrea...I'll take the compliment as a former entrant and winner...fine, fine, fine! ;-)

and...those scarves are delightful...too bad they aren't available me drooling all the way up here!

wv: I knew I was north of Pasadena, didn't know it was THAT far north?!?!

Petrea said...

All right, Elaine, it's yours, although that diminishes my options. For you, though, anything.

Not far from Bulgarini, Amy. Just say the word.

Oops. Okay, Earl, I'd better consult with you on these matters from now on.

Trish, some things you just can't find online. That's why we have local businesses, I guess. I'm the kind of person who needs to touch the item anyway. I don't shop online much and I haven't bought anything from a catalog since before I got married!

Anonymous said...

Great colors in that photo. I like.

Tash said...

What a great store...I'd be happy with any of those scarves too.
(One of these days, I'd like to hear about "the" Oxford experience.)

Petrea said...

Merci, Anon.

One of these days when you've got a few hours, Tash.

Susan Campisi said...

Beautiful scarves. Many thanks for the gentle reminder to shop local. That's my plan this season as well. And congrats to Ben!